Changelog for ".NET MCFileManager"

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Version 3.1.6

Fixed file selection bug when check all is pressed.

Version 3.1.5

Fixed external authenticator issues.

Version 3.1.4

Fixed bug where switching between im/fm would break the insert file logic.


Fixed issue where the IM/FM switch wouldn't run the right callback function.


Fixed bug where IE8 wouldn't properly close dialogs.
Fixed bug where Chrome would crash when previewing PDF files.


Fixed bug where delete didn't work correctly.
Fixed bug where IE would produce an error when closing the upload dialog.


Fixed bug with IE 9 not closing the dialog without an error.


Fixed bug where the preview.wwwroot setting couldn't be overridden in a plugin.


Fixed bug where FF 4 would not handle templates correctly due to a change in the JS runtime.
Fixed bug where editing anchor only urls would produce an JS exception.

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