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Version 4.3.12

Fixed bug where focus calls couldn't be made inside the editors PostRender event handler.
Fixed bug where some translations wouldn't work as expected due to a bug in editor.translate.
Fixed bug where the node change event could fire with a node out side the root of the editor.
Fixed bug where Chrome wouldn't properly present the keyboard paste clipboard details when paste was clicked.
Fixed bug where merged cells in tables couldn't be selected from right to left.
Fixed bug where insert row wouldn't properly update a merged cells rowspan property.
Fixed bug where the color input boxes preview field wasn't properly set on initialization.
Fixed bug where IME composition inside table cells wouldn't work as expected on IE 11.
Fixed so all shadow dom support is under and experimental flag due to flaky browser support.

Version 4.3.11

Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to insert empty blocks though the API unless they where padded.
Fixed bug where you couldn't type the Euro character on Windows.
Fixed bug where backspace/delete from a cE=false element to a text block didn't work properly.
Fixed bug where the text color default grid would render incorrectly.
Fixed bug where the codesample plugin wouldn't load the css in the editor for multiple editors.
Fixed so the codesample plugin textarea gets focused by default.

Version 4.3.10

Fixed bug where the key "y" on WebKit couldn't be entered due to conflict with keycode for F10 on keypress.

Version 4.3.2

Fixed bug where the resize bars for table cells were not affected by the object_resizing property.
Fixed bug where the contextual table toolbar would appear incorrectly if TinyMCE was initialized inline inside a table.
Fixed bug where resizing table cells did not fire a node change event or add an undo level.
Fixed bug where double click selection of text on IE 11 wouldn't work properly.
Fixed bug where codesample plugin would incorrectly produce br elements inside code elements.
Fixed bug where media plugin would strip dashes from youtube urls.
Fixed bug where it was possible to move the caret into the table resize bars.
Fixed bug where drag/drop into a cE=false element was possible on IE.

Version 4.3.1

Ephox TinyMCE based upon:
commit: 99d9e82aa1af471fac48cc8be4b3d456372c556e
based on 4.3.1
date: Mon Nov 30 13:38:39 AEST 2015

Version 4.3.0

Added new table column/row resize support. Makes it a lot more easy to resize the columns/rows in a table.
Added new table inline toolbar. Makes it easier to for example add new rows or columns to a table.
Added new notification API. Lets you display floating notifications to the end user.
Added new codesample plugin that lets you insert syntax highlighted pre elements into the editor.
Added new image_caption to images. Lets you create images with captions using a HTML5 figure/figcaption elements.
Added new live previews of embeded videos. Lets you play the video right inside the editor.
Added new setDirty method and "dirty" event to the editor. Makes it easier to track the dirty state change.
Added new setMode method to Editor instances that lets you dynamically switch between design/readonly.
Added new core support for contentEditable=false elements within the editor overrides the browsers broken behavior.
Rewrote the noneditable plugin to use the new contentEditable false core logic.
Fixed so the dirty state doesn't set set to false automatically when the undo index is set to 0.
Fixed the Selection.placeCaretAt so it works better on IE when the coordinate is between paragraphs.
Fixed bug where data-mce-bogus="all" element contents where counted by the word count plugin.
Fixed bug where contentEditable=false elements would be indented by the indent buttons.
Fixed bug where images within contentEditable=false would be selected in WebKit on mouse click.
Fixed bug in DOMUntils split method where the replacement parameter wouldn't work on specific cases.
Fixed bug where the importcss plugin would import classes from the skin content css file.
Fixed so all button variants have a wrapping span for it's text to make it easier to skin.
Fixed so it's easier to exit pre block using the arrow keys.
Fixed bug where listboxes with fix widths didn't render correctly.

Version 4.2.8

Fixed bug where it was possible to delete tables as the inline root element if all columns where selected.
Fixed bug where the UI buttons active state wasn't properly updated due to recent refactoring of that logic.

Version 4.2.7

Fixed bug where backspace/delete would remove all formats on the last paragraph character in WebKit/Blink.
Fixed bug where backspace within a inline format element with a bogus caret container would move the caret.
Fixed bug where backspace/delete on selected table cells wouldn't add an undo level.
Fixed bug where script tags embedded within the editor could sometimes get a mce- prefix prepended to them
Fixed bug where validate: false option could produce an error to be thrown from the Serialization step.
Fixed bug where inline editing of a table as the root element could let the user delete that table.
Fixed bug where inline editing of a table as the root element wouldn't properly handle enter key.
Fixed bug where inline editing of a table as the root element would normalize the selection incorrectly.
Fixed bug where inline editing of a list as the root element could let the user delete that list.
Fixed bug where inline editing of a list as the root element could let the user split that list.
Fixed bug where resize handles would be rendered on editable root elements such as table.

TinyMCE 4.2.7 released

Version 4.2.6

Added capability to set request headers when using XHRs.
Added capability to upload local images automatically default delay is set to 30 seconds after editing images.
Added commands ids mceEditImage, mceAchor and mceMedia to be avaiable from execCommand.
Added Edge browser to saucelabs grunt task. Patch contributed by John-David Dalton.
Fixed bug where blob uris not produced by tinymce would produce HTML invalid markup.
Fixed bug where selection of contents of a nearly empty editor in Edge would sometimes fail.
Fixed bug where color styles woudln't be retained on copy/paste in Blink/Webkit.
Fixed bug where the table plugin would throw an error when inserting rows after a child table.
Fixed bug where the template plugin wouldn't handle functions as variable replacements.
Fixed bug where undo/redo sometimes wouldn't work properly when applying formatting collapsed ranges.
Fixed bug where shift+delete wouldn't do a cut operation on Blink/WebKit.
Fixed bug where cut action wouldn't properly store the before selection bookmark for the undo level.
Fixed bug where backspace in side an empty list element on IE would loose editor focus.
Fixed bug where the save plugin wouldn't enable the buttons when a change occured.
Fixed bug where Edge wouldn't initialize the editor if a document.domain was specified.
Fixed bug where enter key before nested images would sometimes not properly expand the previous block.
Fixed bug where the inline toolbars wouldn't get properly hidden when blurring the editor instance.
Fixed bug where Edge would paste Chinese characters on some Windows 10 installations.
Fixed bug where IME would loose focus on IE 11 due to the double trailing br bug fix.
Fixed bug where the proxy url in imagetools was incorrect. Patch contributed by Wong Ho Wang.

TinyMCE 4.2.6 released

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