Release 3.0a1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0a1
Release Date: November 01, 2007
Download URL:
Changelog: * Rewrote the core and most of the plugins and themes from scratch.
* Added new and improved serialization engine, faster and more powerful.
* Added new internal event system, things like editor.onClick.add(func).
* Added new inlinepopups plugin, the dialogs are now skinnable and uses clearlooks2 as default.
* Added new contextmenu plugin, context menus can now have submenus and plugins can add items on the fly.
* Added new skin support for the simple and advanced themes you can alter the whole UI using CSS.
* Added new o2k7 skin for the simple and advanced themes.
* Added new custom list boxes for font size/format/style etc with preview support.
* Added new UI management, enabled plugins to create controls like splitbuttons or menus easier.
* Added new JSON parser/serializer and JSON-RPC class to the core API.
* Added new cookie utility class to the core API.
* Added new Unit testing class to the core API only available in dev mode.
* Added new firebug lite integration when loading the dev version of TinyMCE.
* Added new Safari plugin, fixes lots compatibility of issues with Safari 3.x.
* Added new URI/URL parsing it now handles the hole RFC and even some exceptions.
* Added new pagebreak plugin, enables you to insert pagebreak comments like <!-- pagebreak -->
* Added new on demand loading of plugins and themes. Enables you to load and init TinyMCE at any time.
* Added new throbber/progress visualization a plugin can show/hide this when it's needed.
* Added new blockquote button. Enables you to wrap paragraphs in blockquotes.
* Added new compat2x plugin. Will provide a TinyMCE 2.x API for older plugins.
* Added new theme_advanced_resizing_min_width, theme_advanced_resizing_min_height options.
* Added new theme_advanced_resizing_max_height, theme_advanced_resizing_max_height options.
* Added new use_native_selects option. Enables you to toggle native listboxes on and off.
* Added new docs_url option enables you to specify where the TinyMCE user documentation is located.
* Added new frame and rules options for the table dialog.
* Added new global rule for valid_elements/extended_valid_elements enables you to specify global attributes for all elements.
* Added new deny attribute rule characher so it's possible to deny global attribute rules on specific elements.
* Added new unit tests in the dev package of TinyMCE. Runs tests on the core API, commands and settings of the editor.
* Readded the inline_styles option and enabled it by default so deprecated attributes are no longer used.
* Removed all button images and replaced them with CSS sprite images. Reduces the number of requests needed.
* Removed lots of language files and merged them into the base language files. Reduces the number of requests needed.
* Removed lots of unnecessary files and merged many of them together to reduce requests and improve loading speed.
* Reduced the over all script size by 33% and the number of files/requests by 75% so it loads a lot faster.
* Fixed so convert_fonts_to_spans are enabled by default. So no more font tags.
* Fixed so underline and strikethrough uses spans instread of deprecated U and STRIKE elements.
* Fixed so indent/outdent adds/removed margin-left instead of blockquotes.
* Fixed so alignment of paragraphs results in a text-align style value instead of the deprecated align attribute.
* Fixed so alignment of images uses float or vertical-align style values instead of the deprecated align attribute.
* Fixed so all classes from @import stylesheets gets imported into the editor.
* Fixed so the directionality can toggle the dir attribute on and off.
* Fixed so the fullscreen_settings can be used for all types of fullscreen modes.
* Fixed so the advanced HR dialog gets displayed when inserting a HR not only on edit.
* Fixed bug where word wrap didn't work in the source editor on Safari.
* Fixed so non HTML elements can be used within the editor such as <myns:tag>
* Fixed various memory leaks in IE and reduced the unload cleanups needed.
* Fixed so the preformatted option adds an invisible container pre tag inside the editor.
* Renamed the _template plugin to example and updated it to use the new 3.x API.
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