Release 3.0a3 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0a3
Release Date: November 13, 2007
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new experimental jQuery and Prototype framework adapters to the development package.
* Added new translation.html file for the development package. Helps with the internationalization of TinyMCE.
* Added new setup callback option, use this callback to add events to TinyMCE. This method is recommended over the old callbacks.
* Added new API documetation to all classes, functions, events, properties to the Wiki with examples etc.
* Added new init method to all plugins and themes, since it's shorter to write and it mimics interface capable languages better.
* Fixed various CSS issues in the default skin such as alignment of split buttons and separators.
* Fixed issues with mod_security. It didn't like that a content type of text/javascript was forced in a XHR.
* Fixed all events so that they now pass the sender object as it's first argument.
* Fixed some DOM methods so they now can take an array as input.
* Fixed so addButton and the methods of the ControlManager uses less arguments and it now uses a settings object instead.
* Fixed various issues with the tinymce.util.URI class.
* Fixed bug in IE and Safari and the on demand gzip loading feature.
* Fixed bug with moving inline windows sometimes failed in IE6.
* Fixed bug where save_callback function wasn't executed at all.
* Fixed bug where inlinepopups produces scrollbars if windows where moved to the corners of the browser.
* Fixed bug where view HTML source failed when inserting a embedded media object.
* Fixed bug where the listbox menus didn't display correctly on IE6.
* Fixed bug where undo level wasn't added when editor was blurred.
* Fixed bug where spellchecker wasn't disabled when fullscreen mode was enabled.
* Fixed bug where Firefox could crash some times when the user switched to fullscreen mode.
* Fixed bug where tinymce.ui.DropMenu didn't remove all item data when an item was removed from the menu.
* Fixed bug where anchor list in advlink dialog wasn't populated correctly in Safari.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to edit tables in IE when inlinepopups was enabled.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to change the table width of an existing table.
* Fixed bug where xhtmlxtras like abbr didn't work correctly on IE.
* Fixed bug where IE6 had some graphics rendering issues with the inlinepopups.
* Fixed bug where inlinepopup windows where moved incorrectly when they were boundary checked for min width.
* Fixed bug where textareas without id or name couldn't be converted into editor instances.
* Fixed bug where TinyMCE was stealing element focus on IE.
* Fixed bug where the getParam method didn't handle false values correctly.
* Fixed bug where inlinepopups was clipped by other TinyMCE instances or relative elements in IE.
* Fixed bug where the contextmenu was clipped by other TinyMCE instances or relative elements in IE.
* Fixed bug where listbox menus was clipped by other TinyMCE instances or relative elements in IE.
* Fixed bug where listboxes wasn't updated correctly when the a value wasn't found by select.
* Fixed various CSS issues that produced odd rendering bugs in IE.
* Fixed issues with tinymce.ui.DropMenu class, it required some optional settings to be specified.
* Fixed so multiple blockquotes can be removed with a easier method than before.
* Optimized some of the core API to boost performance.
* Removed some functions from the core API that wasn't needed.
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