Release 3.0b1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0b1
Release Date: November 21, 2007
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new tab_focus option, that enables you to specify a element id or that the next element to be focused on tab key down.
* Added new addQueryValueHandler method to the tinymce.Editor class.
* Added new class_filter option, this enables you to specify a function that can filter out CSS classes for the styles list box.
* Added support form [url=url]title[/url] to the bbcode plugin.
* Renamed the addCommandQueryState method in the tinymce.Editor class to addQueryStateHandler.
* Renamed loadQue to loadQueue, to correct spelling.
* Removed the createDOM method from the window manager and replace it with a createInstance method.
* Removed the add to beginning of class attribute parameter of the DOMUtils.addClass method.
* Fixed bug with the forced_root_block option, didn't work correctly with multiple inline elements.
* Fixed bug where image dialogs replaced the current image element with a new one even when it was updated.
* Fixed bug where the submit trigger wasn't executed when divs where converted into editor instances.
* Fixed bug where div elements that got converted into editors didn't get a hidden input element generated for them.
* Fixed bug where the the media_use_script option for the media plugin wasn't working correctly.
* Fixed bug where the font size and font family listboxes wasn't updated correctly on Safari.
* Fixed bug where the height of the fieldset in default image dialog for the advanced theme was to small.
* Fixed bug where the font sizes behaved incorrectly after a cleanup on Safari.
* Fixed bug where formatblock didn't work correctly in Safari on some elements.
* Fixed bug where template plugin didn't insert content correctly unless some options where specified.
* Fixed bug where charmap on Safari produced scrollbars.
* Fixed bug where there was white artifacts in some dialogs due to missing background color.
* Fixed bug where port was added to all external URLs if the editor was loaded from a custom port.
* Fixed bug where the context menus got duplicated on Safari 3.0.4 on Mac OS X.
* Fixed bug where dialogs like paste from word was huge on Firefox.
* Fixed bug with media plugin not working with windows media objects.
* Fixed bug where a forever loop was created if multiple instances where submitted using form.submit.
* Fixed bug with editing a table produce error in IE when inlinepopups where used.
* Fixed bug where the style plugin generated ugly looking style information in IE.
* Fixed bug where the inline dialogs that got opened while in fullscreen mode wasn't visible.
* Fixed bug where it was difficult to place the caret inside the word paste dialog.
* Fixed bug where Opera produced strange border in the word paste dialog.
* Fixed bug where viewport constraints could move a inlinepopup to a negative x, y position if the viewport was to small.
* Fixed bug where template plugin was producing an error due to a deprecated API call.
* Fixed bug where drag drop of images failed in Gecko if a document_base_url was specified.
* Fixed bug where Firefox 3 failed to apply block formats like H1-H6 it still breaks on DIVs this has been reported to bugzilla.
* Fixed bug where IE was producing a warning dialog about non secure items when running TinyMCE over HTTPS.
* Fixed bug where the onbeforeunload event was triggered when menus or dialogs where opened.
* Fixed bug where the fullscreen mode of the HTML view source box threw an error.
* Fixed bug where the mceFocus command didn't work correctly.
* Fixed bug where the selection could get lost in IE using inlinepopups.
* Fixed so the body of the editor area has the mceContentBody class just like the 2.x branch.
* Fixed so the media icon gets active when a media element is selected.
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