Release 3.0b2 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0b2
Release Date: November 29, 2007
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added type and compact attributes to the default valid_elements list for the ul and ol elements.
* Added missing accessibility support to native list boxes in both the toolbar and dialogs.
* Added missing access key for the element path for accessibility reasons.
* Fixed support for loading themes from external URLs.
* Fixed bug where setOuterHTML didn't work correctly when multiple elements where passed to it.
* Fixed bug with visualchars plugin was moving elements around in the DOM.
* Fixed bug with DIV elements that got converted into editors on IE.
* Fixed bug with paste plugin using the old event API.
* Fixed bug where the spellchecker was removing the word when it was ignored.
* Fixed bug where fullscreen wasn't working properly.
* Fixed bug where the base href element and attribute was ignored.
* Fixed bug where redo function didn't work in IE.
* Fixed bug where content_css didn't work as previous 2.x branch.
* Fixed bug where preview dialog was throwing errors if the content_css wasn't defined.
* Fixed bug where the theme_advanced_path option didn't work like the 2.x branch.
* Fixed bug where the theme_advanced_statusbar_location was called theme_advanced_status_location.
* Fixed bug where the strict_loading_mode option didn't work if you created editors dynamically without using the EditorManager.
* Fixed bug where some language values wasn't translated such as insert and update in dialogs.
* Fixed bug where some image attributes wasn't stored correctly when inserting an image.
* Fixed bug where fullscreen mode didn't restore scrollbars when disabled.
* Fixed bug where there was no visual representation for tab focus in toolbars on IE.
* Fixed bug where HR elements wasn't treated as block elements so forced_root_block would fail on these.
* Fixed bug where autosave presented warning message even when the form was submitted normally.
* Fixed typo of openBrower it's now openBrowser in form_utils.js.
* Fixed various HTML problems like missing TD elements and duplicated doctypes.
* Fixed default values for theme_advanced_resize_horizontal, theme_advanced_resizing_use_cookie to be 2.x compatible.
* Moved spellchecker JS files into the development package.
* Removed support for theme_advanced_path_location since the theme_advanced_statusbar_location is the correct option name.
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