Release 3.0b3 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0b3
Release Date: December 14, 2007
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new getElement method to Editor class, returns the element that was replaced with the editor instance.
* Added new unavailable prefix for disabled controls for accessibility reasons.
* Fixed bug where regexp patterns couldn't be used for the editor_selector/editor_deselector options.
* Fixed bug where the DOM wasn't properly initialized before the onInit event was executed in popups.
* Fixed bug where font sizes where reduced by font size actions on previous spans in Safari.
* Fixed bug where HR elements got places at the wrong location in IE.
* Fixed bug where align/justify didn't work correctly on multiple paragraphs.
* Fixed bug with missing translation for cell scope settings.
* Fixed bug where selection/caret position was lost on some table actions.
* Fixed bug where editor instances couldn't be added to hidden div elements.
* Fixed bug where list elements in Safari would get an odd ID attribute.
* Fixed bug where IE would return <html/> when the editor was completely empty.
* Fixed bug where accessibility title attribute for access keys wasn't setup properly.
* Fixed bug where forecolorpicker and backcolorpicker control names wasn't working.
* Fixed bug where inserting template content didn't work in Safari due to selection exception.
* Fixed bug where absolute URLs to remote hosts couldn't be used for background images.
* Fixed bug where mysterious span elements where produced in Safari when injecting HTML contents.
* Fixed bug where the media plugin didn't work correctly on the latest Opera 9.24.
* Fixed bug where indentation of HTML output wasn't applied to all block elements.
* Fixed bug where Safari was production DOM exception if you pressed enter in an empty editor.
* Fixed bug where media plugin didn't parse script tags correctly patch contributed by Mathieu Campagna.
* Fixed bug where the drop menus of list boxes like blockformat could produce scrolling of the page.
* Fixed bug where the drop menus where placed at an incorrect location if TinyMCE was placed in a scrollable div.
* Fixed bug where submit buttons couldn't be named submit, it's not recommended to name submit buttons submit anyway.
* Fixed bug where the stylelistbox produced an exception if there was only one class in the list box.
* Fixed bug where the stylelistbox wasn't updated correctly when the current class was removed.
* Fixed bug where the formatblock command sometimes removed the body element.
* Fixed bug where fullscreen switching in IE sometimes produced an exception when the spellchecker plugin was enabled.
* Fixed issue where FF produced an empty paragraph when the editor was completely empty.
* Fixed issue with size of image dialog in the advanced theme.
* Fixed issues with the bbcode plugin it now also handles spans and the [font] rule.
* Fixed so the style compression feature is a bit smarter to resolve issues with Opera.
* Reintroduced the remove_linebreaks option, this is enabled by default.
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