Release 3.0rc2 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0rc2
Release Date: January 18, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new fix_nesting option to fix bug #1867292, this is disabled by default.
* Added new indentation option enables you to specify how much each indent/outdent call will add/remove.
* Added easier support for enabling/disabling icon columns on drop menues.
* Added new menu button control class. This control is very similar to the splitbutton but without any onclick action.
* Added support for previous tab focus (shift+tab). The tab_focus setting now takes two items next and previous element.
* Fixed bug where iframes inside the editor got removed in Firefox on initial load.
* Fixed bug where the CSS for abbr elements wasn't applied correctly in IE.
* Fixed bug where mceAddControl on element inside a hidden container produced errors.
* Fixed bug where closed anchors like <a /> produced strange results.
* Fixed bug where caret would jump to the top of the editor if enter was pressed a the end of a list.
* Fixed bug where remove editor failed if the editor wasn't properly initialized.
* Fixed bug where render call on for a non existing element produced exception.
* Fixed bug where parent window was hidden when the color picker was used in a non inlinepopups setup.
* Fixed bug where onchange event wasn't fired correctly on IE when color picker was used in dialogs.
* Fixed bug where save plugin could not save contents if the converted element wasn't an textarea.
* Fixed bug where events might be fired even after an editor instance was removed such as blur events.
* Fixed bug where an exception about undefined undo levels could be throwed sometimes.
* Fixed bug where the plugin_preview_pageurl option didn't work.
* Fixed bug where adding/removing an editor instance very fast could produce problems.
* Fixed bug where the link button was highlighted when an anchor element was selected.
* Fixed bug where the selected contents where removed if a new anchor element was added.
* Fixed bug where splitbuttons where rendered one pixel down in the default theme.
* Fixed bug where some buttons where placed at incorrect positions in the o2k7 theme.
* Fixed bug that made it impossible to visually disable a custom button that used an image instead of CSS sprites.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to press delete/backspace if the editor was added+removed and re-added due to a FF bug.
* Fixed bug where an entities option with only 38,amp,60,lt,62,gt would fail in IE.
* Fixed bug where innerHTML sometimes generated unknown runtime error on IE.
* Fixed bug where content_css files wasn't loaded in the template preview iframe.
* Fixed bug where scroll position was incorrect when toggling fullscreen mode.
* Fixed bug where restoration of overflow didn't work correctly when disabling fullscreen mode in Opera.
* Fixed bug where drop menus where places at incorrect locations if the editor was placed in a scrollable container element.
* Fixed bug where hideMenu didn't hide sub menus correctly. It will now hide all menus recursively.
* Fixed so theme_advanced_path_location can be used in init options for compatibility reasons.
* Fixed so the drop menu colors matches the rest of o2k7 theme.
* Fixed so the preview example.html file is updated to the new 3.x API.
* Fixed so the margins are the same by default inside the editable area between IE and other browsers.
* Fixed so editor contents gets stored before it the onSubmit event is fired.
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