Release 3.0 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0
Release Date: January 30, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added map and area elements to the default valid_elements list and also some indentation rules.
* Fixed bug where empty paragraphs wasn't padded when loading contents.
* Fixed bug where the RowLayout manager didn't work at all.
* Fixed bug where style attribute data would get messed up in advimage dialog.
* Fixed bug where the table dialogs class select wasn't updated correctly.
* Fixed bug where elements would get extra whitespace around on insert when body was present in valid_elements.
* Fixed bug where coords attribute of the area element wasn't handled properly in IE.
* Fixed bug where Safari didn't produce BR elements on shift+return.
* Fixed bug where force blocks would cast odd invalid attribute exception in IE.
* Fixed bug where media plugin would produce extra whitespace before and after objects.
* Fixed bug where cleanup_callback could break the contents of the editor. But use the new event system instead of this option.
* Fixed bug where the tab_focus option didn't work between editor instanced. You can now tab between editors.
* Fixed bug where the load function of the ScriptLoader class didn't load single files without the load que as it was supposed to.
* Fixed bug where the execcommand_callback parameter order was incorrect. Recommendation use the new addCommand method.
* Fixed bug where calls sometimes failed on some IE versions.
* Fixed bug where Safari was scrolling to top of document when enter/returned was pressed.
* Fixed bug where fullscreen_new_window option didn't work correctly.
* Fixed bug where the nonbreaking plugin inserted an space instead of an non breaking space the first time.
* Fixed bug where the visualization of non breaking spaces where visual in element path.
* Fixed so the focus is restored to the editor after inserting an custom character.
* Fixed so the isNotDirty state is set to false if a new undo level is added.
* Fixed so pointless style information for borders gets removed in IE.
* Fixed so the resize button has a se-resize cursor css value.
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