Release 3.0.1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.1
Release Date: February 21, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added spellchecker plugin into the main package, but without any backend can be specified with the spellchecker_rpc_url option.
* Added src attribute for script elements to the default valid_elements option value.
* Added extra parameter to the class_filter callback it can now also filter out classes based on the whole CSS rule.
* Added support for domain relaxing, TinyMCE can now be loaded from an remote domain as long as they are on the same root domain.
* Added support for custom elements the new custom_elements option enables you to add non HTML elements to the editor.
* Added support for the W3C Selectors API that was added to latest nightly build of WebKit.
* Fixed bug where some object param element wasn't stored correctly using the media plugin.
* Fixed bug where Opera was scrolling to top of page is drop menus on list boxes where displayed.
* Fixed bug where IE6 was crashing if a format block was used on a container with anchor elements.
* Fixed bug where spans with font sizes wasn't handled correctly when editor was loading contents.
* Fixed bug where mode exact couldn't convert editors with name only. Id is no longer required but recommended.
* Fixed bug where the mceInsertRawHTML command produced an extra undo level.
* Fixed bug where the specific_textareas mode didn't work correctly this is the same thing as textareas now.
* Fixed bug where the values of input elements in the HTML page of dialogs pages where changed in IE.
* Fixed bug where fullscreen and fullpage plugins didn't work well together.
* Fixed bug where embed elements wasn't handled properly in the media plugin.
* Fixed bug where style information on span elements gets munged when fonts are converted to spans.
* Fixed bug where some entities in element attributes where encoded incorrectly in the latest WebKit build.
* Fixed bug where initialization would fail in IE if there where two input elements with the name submit in the form.
* Fixed bug where fullscreen mode didn't work correctly in IE when the fullscreen_new_window option was used.
* Fixed bug where invalid contents like an ul inside a p element would produce odd results in IE.
* Fixed bug where Opera 9.2x was placing the drop menus at incorrect locations if the editor was placed in a table.
* Fixed bug where Opera was producing odd results if enter/return was pressed while having forced_root_blocks disabled.
* Fixed bug where layer plugin was stealing focus in IE on initialization.
* Fixed bug where body attributes wasn't set properly in the fullpage plugin, fix contributed by Hiroaki Kawai.
* Fixed bug where insert image and insert link dialogs where producing an extra level in the undo history.
* Fixed bug where Gecko would produce an error if empty elements like <div></div> where inserted using mceInsertContent.
* Fixed bug where center alignment of images produced odd results inside table cells.
* Fixed bug where center alignment of images couldn't be toggled correctly.
* Fixed bug where alignment of images inside tables would produce double float style items in IE if the fix_table_elements option was enabled.
* Fixed bug where a variable called 'v' was polluting the global namespace. Objects tinymce and tinyMCE are the only ones allowed to be global.
* Fixed bug where insert table from context menu couldn't insert new tables inside existing tables.
* Fixed bug where Safari wouldn't produce br elements on enter when the force_br_newlines option was enabled.
* Fixed bug where switching cell type in table cell dialog would produce odd attributes in IE.
* Fixed bug where Gecko was outputting internal attributes if valid_elements where set to "*[*]".
* Fixed bug where the style plugin would produce non hex colors inside the dialog when running on Gecko.
* Fixed bug where an empty src value for insert image would remove the currently selected image if it wasn't and image element.
* Fixed bug where hidden input elements would break the logic for the tab_focus option.
* Fixed bug where save button wasn't working correctly in fullscreen mode.
* Fixed bug where the editor was forced to be placed in a form element if the save_onsavecallback option was used.
* Fixed bug where upper case param attributes wasn't parsed correctly in the media plugin.
* Fixed bug where render method of tinymce.Editor class would produce an exception if the strict_loading_mode option was omitted.
* Fixed bug where nodeChanged event could be fired while the editor was loading and there for produce an exception in FF.
* Fixed bug where no undo levels where added if the user created new table rows using the tab key on Gecko.
* Fixed bug where tables would be broken if you selected a different block format for contents withing an table cell.
* Fixed bug where the render method of the tinymce.Editor class didn't setup the tinymce.EditorManager.settings object correctly.
* Fixed bug where the advanced image dialog would go to the first tab if the alternative image was changed using the file browser link.
* Fixed bug where the forced_root_block option would produce BR elements inside empty blocks if the block wasn't a paragraph.
* Fixed bug where the forced_root_block doesn't work correctly on IE if the specified element was something else than paragraphs.
* Fixed bug where selection of images would get lost if user selected something from the context menu in IE.
* Fixed bug where the context menu plugin would pollute the global namespace with two variables p1 and p2.
* Fixed compatibility issue with Mootools, it is destroying document.getElementById on unload in IE. (Mantra: You don't own the internal objects).
* Fixed bugs where dialogs/tabs and other UI elements where rendered incorrectly in Firefox 3.
* Fixed so the auto CSS class importer is compatible with 2.x.
* Fixed so the editor UI and inlinedialogs works correctly with the YUI CSS reset package.
* Fixed so header and footer elements are forced to lower case when the fullpage plugin is used.
* Fixed so load prefixes "-" for plugins and themes isn't required if the plugin/theme was loaded by the ThemeManager/PluginManager.
* Fixed so the JSONRequest uses application/json content type to make Ruby on rails happy.
* Fixed so the CSS rule is more exact for the body in the default content.css files. Body is now defined as "body.mceContentBody" instead of just "body".
* Fixed so the tiny_mce_dev.js uses XHR instead of document.write to load scripts to resolve an issue with Opera 9.50.
* Fixed so language pack loading can be disabled by setting the language option to false. Can be useful for systems with their own language pack management.
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