Release 3.0.2 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.2
Release Date: February 26, 2008
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Changelog: * Added new body_id option that enables you to specify the id of the body inside the editor iframe based on ideas by David Bildstr?m (ChronoZ).
* Added new body_class option that enables you to set the class for the body of the editor iframe based on ideas by David Bildstr?m (ChronoZ).
* Added new CSS class to the default content.css files mceForceColors that forces white background and black text can be used with the body_class option.
* Added new type parameter to the Editor.getParam function to reduce redundant logic for parsing hash tables.
* Added new isDone method to the ScriptLoaded class, this enables you to check if a script has been loaded or not.
* Added new resizeTo and resizeBy methods for the advanced theme. Can be called using tinyMCE.activeEditor.theme.resizeTo(w, h);
* Added new skin_variant option this can be used to extend existing skins with slight modifications like color.
* Added new variant of the o2k7 skin called "silver" based on a contribution made by Stefan Moonen.
* Fixed bug where the template plugin might produce errors if the template_mdate_classes wasn't configured.
* Fixed bug where the media plugin didn't convert the URLs for movies once they where inserted.
* Fixed bug where the style field for the advlink dialog didn't work correctly if you edited an existing link.
* Fixed bug where alignment of toolbars would fail in editor was uses in a quirks mode on IE, fix contributed by Peter Wood & Art Lawry.
* Fixed bug where initialization of multiple editors at the same time using the mceAddControl method would produce errors.
* Fixed bug where initialization of editors using mceAddControl command or new tinymce.Editor calls would fail during page load.
* Fixed bug where the check for domain relaxing could fail if the document.domain property was changed by another script.
* Fixed bug where textareas couldn't be named description or any other name that matches the meta elements in IE and Opera.
* Fixed bug where the element path would fail sometimes in IE due to "unknown runtime error" on innerHTML.
* Fixed bug where Safari would crash if you was hiding the editor before serializing the contents.
* Fixed bug where the editor wasn't scaled propertly in fullscreen mode using the old fullscreen_new_window option.
* Fixed bug where render method didn't load language packs in IE and Opera if you rendered an editor during page load.
* Fixed bug where resizing the browser window in fullscreen didn't resize the editor.
* Fixed bug where the blockquote command didn't move the caret inside the new empty blockquote if you used it on an empty document.
* Fixed bug where auto in a style width/height for the textarea would produce an editor with the size value of 100. Fix contributed by Shane Tomlinson.
* Fixed bug where restoration of selection at the beginning of an element could fail in Gecko.
* Fixed bug where caret restoration after a cleanup could place the it at an incorrect location.
* Fixed bug where delete key inside td elements would delete the cell in Gecko.
* Fixed so the blockquote button toggles individual lines. This behavior is a bit more like the old indentation behavior in the 2.x branch.
* Fixed so the dialog language packs only gets loaded the first time you open a dialog.
* Fixed so all classes in the whole UI is prefixed with "mce" to avoid collisions, use the skin converter to update your existing skins.
* Fixed so all classes in the inlinepopups logic is prefixed with "mce" to avoid collisions, use the skin converter to update your existing skins.
* Fixed so that the window in fullscreen mode can be resized when fullscreen_new_window option is enabled.
* Fixed so blockquote elements are formatted in the source output with an linefeed before and after it.
* Optimized the editor initialization by reducing the number of calls to getBookmark/moveToBookmark.
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