Release 3.0.3 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.3
Release Date: March 03, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Fixed bug where an error about document.domain would be thrown if TinyMCE was loaded using a different port.
* Fixed bug where mode exact would convert textareas without id or name if the elements option was omitted.
* Fixed bug where the caret could be placed at an incorrect location when backspace was used in Gecko.
* Fixed bug where local file:// URLs where converted into absolute domain URLs.
* Fixed bug where an error was produced if a editor was removed inside an editor command.
* Fixed bug where force_p_newlines didn't effect the paste plugin correctly.
* Fixed bug where the paste plugin was producing an exception on IE if you pasted contents with middots.
* Fixed bug where delete key could produce exceptions in Gecko sometimes due to the fix for the table cell bug.
* Fixed bug where the layer plugin would produce an visual add class called mceVisualAid this one is now renamed to mceItemVisualAid to mark it internal.
* Fixed bug where TinyMCE wouldn't initialize properly if ActiveX controls was disabled in IE.
* Fixed bug where tables and other elements that had visual aids on them would produce an extra space after any custom class names.
* Fixed bug where search with an empty string would produce some odd "invalid pointer" error in IE.
* Fixed bug where elements like menus where placed at incorrect positions in Opera 9.26.
* Fixed bug where IE was loosing focus of the editor when you clicked some dropmenu and if it was placed in a frame or iframe.
* Fixed bug where focus of images could be lost in IE if you focused the accessibility confirm dialog in the advimage plugin.
* Fixed bug where nestled font elements would produce odd output like missing font elements.
* Fixed bug where text colors and styles got removed if invalid_elements included the font element.
* Fixed bug where text-decoration set to underline or line-through would remove other styles from span elements.
* Fixed bug where editor contents like \n\n would be incorrectly handled and processed as real line feeds.
* Fixed bug where incorrectly encoded urls with ampersands in them would be decoded incorrectly.
* Optimized the DOMUtils decode method to be a lot faster if the string doesn't have any entities to decode.
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