Release 3.0.4 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.4
Release Date: March 07, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new option constrain_menus, this enables you to force view port constraints on all menus. Contributed by Shane Tomlinson.
* Fixed bug where table background wasn't visible inside the editor due to a default CSS rule overriding the style attribute.
* Fixed bug where links would get a null class added if no styles was used in IE.
* Fixed bug where spellchecker was auto focusing the editor in IE.
* Fixed bug where document.domain would produce invalid argument if the editor was loaded in IE6 over a network UNC path.
* Fixed bug where table height attribute was used, this is deprecated in XHTML so it now adds it as an style.
* Fixed bug where textareas with style values would produce error in IE.
* Fixed so the first element in each dialog is focused by default to enhance keyboard usage.
* Fixed so you can add a mceFocus class to elements to make it auto focused.
* Fixed so you can close dialogs using the esc key.
* Fixed so you can press return/enter to submit the action of each dialog.
* Fixed so tabbing inside an inline popups wont focus the resize anchor elements.
* Fixed so you can press ok in inline alert messages using the return/enter key.
* Fixed so textareas can be set to non px or % sizes for example em, cm, pt etc.
* Fixed so non pixel values can be used in width/height properties for tables.
* Fixed so the custom context menu can be disabled by holding down ctrl key while clicking.
* Fixed so the layout for the o2k7 skin looks better if you don't have separators before and after list boxes.
* Fixed so the sub classes get a copy of the super class constructor function to ease up type checking.
* Fixed so font sizes for the format block previews are normalized according to (it can be overridden).
* Fixed so font sizes for h1-h6 in the default content.css is normalized according to (it can be overridden).
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