Release 3.0.5 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.5
Release Date: March 12, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new black skin variant to the o2k7 skin contributed by Stefan Moonen.
* Added new explode method to the tinymce core class. This does a split but removed whitespace it also defaults to a , delimiter.
* Added new detection logic for IE 8 standards mode into the DOMUtils class strMode can now be checked to see if that mode is on/off.
* Added new noscale option value for the scale select box for Flash in the media plugin.
* Fixed bug where the menu for the ColorSplitButton wasn't removed when the editor was removed.
* Fixed bug where font colors couldn't be edited correctly since the style of the element didn't get updated correctly.
* Fixed bug where class of elements would get lost when TinyMCE was fixing incorrect HTML markup.
* Fixed bug where table editing would produce double height values.
* Fixed bug where width style value wouldn't be removed if you switched width unit from cm/em to pixels or percent.
* Fixed bug where the search/replace input box wasn't auto focused like the other dialogs.
* Fixed bug where the old mceAddControl command would use the fullscreen settings next time it created an instance.
* Fixed bug where multiple lines where added to the target cell if you merged multiple empty cells.
* Fixed bug where drop down menus would be incorrectly positioned inside scrollable divs.
* Fixed bug where the separators of the silver skin variant didn't display correctly in IE 6.
* Fixed bug where createStyleSheet seems to load scripts at opposite order in some IE versions.
* Fixed bug where directionality could produce odd results for the UI and the dialogs.
* Fixed bug where the DOM serializer wouldn't serialize custom namespaced attributes in IE 6 using the *[*] valid elements rule.
* Fixed bug where table caption would be inserted after the thead element if you swapped a tr to be inside the thead.
* Fixed bug where the youtube detection logic for the media plugin was to generic.
* Fixed so the deprecated and undocumented theme_advanced_path_location set to none won't hide the whole statusbar.
* Fixed so most input lists can have whitespace in them they are now split using the new tinymce.explode method.
* Fixed so the popup_css and popup_css_add URLs are relative to where the current document is located.
* Fixed various bugs and quirks with the store/restore selection logic.
* Fixed so the editor starts in IE 8 standards mode but still that browser is very very buggy.
* Fixed so dialog_type set to modal will block the background and other inline windows and only give access to the front most window.
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