Release 3.0.6 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.6
Release Date: April 03, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added elements to the default value of valid_elements option. It now contains all XHTML strict elements and a few transitional.
* Added more accessibility fixes, it's now possible to navigate and close list boxes and split button menus with the keyboard.
* Added missing getInfo method to the contextmenu and safari plugin, this caused problems for the Drupal module.
* Added new inlinepopups_zindex option to the inlinepopups plugin so that you can configure the default start z-index.
* Added new setControlType method to the tinymce.ControlManager class. This method enables you to override the default classes.
* Added ability to specific an optional control class to use instead of the default one for the ControlManager methods. Based on concept by Josh Peek.
* Fixed bug where attribute rules for the DOM Serializer couldn't contain - or _ characters in their names.
* Fixed bug where inlinepopups event blocker and modal dialog blocker elements produced vertical scrollbars.
* Fixed bug where there was a rendering issue with quirks mode in Safari moving the resize handle to an incorrect position.
* Fixed bug with forecolor/backcolor controls on IE. Sometimes elements positioned relative will generate display errors.
* Fixed bug where a p2 was leaking out in the global name space when you selected a color from the forecolor/backcolor controls.
* Fixed bug where empty paragraphs didn't work as expected in browsers other than IE.
* Fixed bug where the load method of the tinymce.dom.ScriptLoader didn't check if the file was already loaded.
* Fixed bug where the load method for the PluginManager and ThemeManager didn't check if a plugin/theme by a specific name was all ready loaded.
* Fixed bug where the theme_advanced_link_targets option didn't work correctly with the advanced themes link dialog. Patch contributed by Arnold B.
* Fixed bug where the style command would merge classes into empty span elements.
* Fixed bug where the style command would remove empty span elements outside the current selection.
* Fixed bug where the fix for the Safari backspace bug removed all editor contents if it was filled with empty paragraphs.
* Fixed bug where alert and confirm boxes opened by the inlinepopups plugin would produce an exception if domain relaxing was used.
* Fixed bug where Safari was adding style attributes to all elements when you paste them into the editor.
* Fixed bug where the spellchecker menus was visually incorrect since the space for the non existing icon was still there.
* Fixed bug where remove_linebreaks option didn't remove line breaks inside the text contents of a element.
* Fixed bug where Safari 3.1 was introducing _mc_tmp into paragraphs due to the new querySelectorAll and a TinyMCE specific workaround.
* Fixed bug where getParam method in the Editor class was returning incorrect objects and would mess up the font drop down. Patch contributed by speednet.
* Fixed bug where the table dialog would produce an exception in IE when you edited tables since it tried to place focus in a disabled field.
* Fixed bug where class attribute on some span elements was removed on cleanup.
* Fixed bug where resizing the editor in IE could produce an exception if the editor width/height got to be a negative value.
* Fixed bug where wmv files wouldn't play since the src param was used instead of the url param.
* Fixed bug where br elements would be added here and there in Gecko. Geckos internal _moz_dirty br elements where serialized as well.
* Fixed bug where editing named anchors would produce two anchors instead of one updated one.
* Fixed bug where arrow and function keys didn't work when an noneditable element was focused within the editor.
* Fixed bug where the dispatcher could produce an exception if the listener list was altered inside an event callback.
* Fixed bug where it was impossible to totally empty the editor contents on Safari due to an mistreatment of nbsp as whitespace. Patch contributed by Andrew Ozz.
* Fixed bug where TinyMCE would not convert textareas with the same name attribute value. It will now generate an unique id for those textareas.
* Fixed bug where backspace/delete key was deleting td elements inside tables while running on Gecko.
* Fixed bug where Firefox 3.0b4 and Opera 9.26 where scrolling to the top of document when pressing return/enter.
* Fixed bug where the template plugin wasn't just inserting the mceTmpl tagged element.
* Fixed bug where the alert method of the default WindowManager implementation didn't translate input language strings like the inlinepopups dialog does.
* Fixed bugs with the backspace behavior in Gecko. The caret was placed on incorrect locations in the DOM sometimes.
* Fixed so advimage dialog and table dialogs has support for editable select boxes for the class value.
* Fixed so the media, pagebreak and spellchecker doesn't load it's default content.css file if the content_css option is set to false.
* Fixed so the paste_use_dialog option works again it's enabled by default but can be disabled on IE. Patch contributed by Speednet.
* Fixed so that the fullscreen editor is focused when switching fullscreen editing on.
* Fixed so it's possible to edit images and links inside tables using the context menu.
* Fixed so table dialogs and the advanced image dialog doesn't loose selection in IE if the dialogs where navigated/submitted with the keyboard.
* Fixed so the theme_advanced_blockformats options can have named items for example title 1=h1;title 2=h2.
* Fixed so it's possible to add a custom editor_css for the simple theme.
* Fixed quirks with directionality rtl, patch contributed by Andrew Ozz.
* Fixed so the inlinepopups default start zIndex is 300000.
* Fixed typo in media plugin Shockware is now replaced with Shockwave.
* Fixed psuedo memory leak in IE with the replaceChild method inside the DOMUtils.replace method.
* Fixed so memory is released when an editor instance is removed from page.
* Optimized the color split button menus so that they use less event handlers.
* Removed the util/mclayer.js file since it's no longer used by any of the TinyMCE dialogs and is considered deprecated.
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