Release 3.0.7 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.7
Release Date: April 14, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new version suffix to all internal GET requests to make sure that the users cache gets cleared correctly.
* Fixed issue with isDirty returning true event if it wasn't dirty on IE due to changes in tables during initialization.
* Fixed memory leak in IE where if a page was unloaded before all images on the page was loaded it would leak.
* Fixed bug in IE where underline and strikethrough could produce an exception error message.
* Fixed bug where inserting paragraphs in totally empty table cells would produce odd effects.
* Fixed bug where layer style data wasn't updated correctly due to some performance enhancements with the DOM serializer.
* Fixed bug where it would convert the wrong element if there was two elements with the same name and id on the page.
* Fixed bug where it was possible to add style information to the body element using the style plugin.
* Fixed bug where Gecko would add an extra undo level some times due to the blur event.
* Fixed bug where the underline icon would get active if the caret was inside a link element.
* Fixed bug where merging th cells not working correctly. Patch contributed by Andr? R.
* Fixed bug where forecolorpicker and backcolorpicker buttons where rendered incorrectly when the o2k7 skin was used.
* Fixed bug where comment couldn't contain -- since it's invalid markup. It will now at least not break on those invalid comments.
* Fixed bug where apos wasn't handled correctly in IE. It will now convert apos to ' on IE since that browser doesn't support that entity.
* Fixed bug where entities wasn't encoded correctly inside pre elements since they where protected from whitespace removal.
* Fixed bug where color split buttons where rendered incorrectly on IE6 when using the non default theme.
* Fixed so caret is placed after links ones they are created, to improve usability of the editor.
* Fixed so you can select tables by clicking on it's borders in non IE browsers to normalize the behavior.
* Fixed so the menus can be toggled by clicking once more on the icon in listboxes, menubuttons and splitbuttons based on code contributed by Josh Peek.
* Fixed so buttons can be labeled, currently only works with the default skin, so it's kind of experimental. Patch contributed by Daniel Insley.
* Fixed so forecolorpicker and backcolorpicker remembers the last selected color. Patch contributed by Shane Tomlinson.
* Fixed so that you can only execute the mceAddEditor command once for the same instance name.
* Fixed so command functions added with addCommand can pass though the call to default handles if it returns true.
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