Release 3.0.8 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.8
Release Date: April 30, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Fixed bug where IE would produce an error if textareas without names where converted.
* Fixed bug where editor wasn't forced empty when there was only a single br or empty paragraph left.
* Fixed bug where IE would produce an warning message if object elements where produced in the media plugins preview running on https.
* Fixed bug where new addVer function didn't handle hash items correctly. Patch contributed by Mirek Burkon.
* Fixed bug where font_size_style_values option wasn't applied correctly to fonts inside the editor.
* Fixed bug where image selection could be lost if a image was edited using context menu on IE.
* Fixed bug where style values wasn't updated properly due to an invalid regexp.
* Fixed bug where IE 6 where displaying warning message about insecure items when inserting an image while using https. Patch contributed by Norifumi Sunaoka.
* Fixed bug where IE was producing an auto save message if you selected a color from the color split button.
* Fixed bug where backspace sometimes would move the caret to the end of the previous block in Gecko.
* Fixed bug where the rowlayout manager didn't work as described in the documentation.
* Fixed bug where the default options for the fullpage plugin wasn't applied correctly.
* Fixed bug where selection would jump one character if you applied a styles to a words in non IE browsers.
* Fixed bug where undo levels wasn't added correctly if you went back in undo history and added a new event.
* Fixed bug where font size dropdown didn't mark the selected size in IE.
* Fixed bug where the size of the editor was determined using clientWidth instead of offsetWidth.
* Fixed so the onchange event doesn't fire on the initial undo level, it will also fire when the editor is blurred.
* Fixed so the advhr plugin produces XHTML valid output instead of non standard attributes.
* Fixed so blockquote gets converted into [quote] in when the bbcode plugin is enabled.
* Fixed so theme_advanced_font_sizes can be named for example Font 1=1, Font 2=2 etc.
* Fixed so editor_selector/editor_deselector can be regexps. By default only strings are allowed not part regexps like before.
* Fixed so that the version suffix is optional. It still requires the build process so you need to export it manually.
* Fixed so it's possible to tab to table cells in non Gecko browsers and also produce new rows if you tab at the end of a table. Contributed by Josh Peek.
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