Release 3.0.9 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.0.9
Release Date: June 02, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new contextmenu_offset_x/contextmenu_offset_y options for the contextmenu plugin.
* Added cite attribute to the default rule for the blockquote element.
* Added support for using arrow keys for selection of items in listboxes.
* Added support for using arrow keys for selection of items in dropmenus.
* Fixed bug where blockformat change on elements with BR inside them didn't change correctly on Firefox.
* Fixed bug where removing table rows inside thead or tfoot would remove the whole table if it was the last one.
* Fixed bug where XHR synchronous mode didn't execute the callback handlers synchronously.
* Fixed bug where setting border to 0 didn't add border: 0 to the style attribute when using the advimage dialog.
* Fixed bug where the selection of images and table cells didn't work correctly when the editor is placed in a frame and running on IE.
* Fixed bug where the store/restore of a selection didn't work correctly in non IE browsers.
* Fixed bug where only the first element would be invalid for the invalid_elements option.
* Fixed bug where paste as plain text didn't encode the characters correctly when they where inserted.
* Fixed bug where HTML source window couldn't be maximized on Gecko when the maximizable feature was enabled.
* Fixed bug where color selection using the color picker could produce exception in IE.
* Fixed bug where font size changes could produce produce extra redundant elements.
* Fixed bug where IE could produce unknown runtime error if you replaced a image with another image from a separate frame.
* Fixed bug where the domLoaded state for the Event class wasn't set correctly if the editor was loaded dynamically using the gzip compressor.
* Fixed bug where handling of the base element for a page would produce incorrect urls. Based on a patch contributed by John LeSueur.
* Fixed bug where table constraint alert boxes was presented with an empty value and wasn't the skinned inline ones.
* Fixed bug where the onChange event wasn't fired when the form was submitted. It's now also triggered when the save method is called.
* Fixed bug where encoding set to xml didn't work as expected. It now encodes the contents into XML entities.
* Fixed bug where numrows didn't work correctly for the merge cells dialog of the table plugin.
* Fixed bug where the onGetContent event was fired even when the no_events flag was set.
* Fixed bug where the preview panels for the advimage and the media plugin could overflow on Safari and FF 3.
* Fixed bug where the editing and removal of abbr elements using the xhtmlxtras plugin working correctly on IE.
* Fixed bug where save button in the save plugin didn't work correctly on IE.
* Fixed bug where dragging layers didn't work as expected since it would snap back to it's original location if you saved.
* Fixed bug where the description of the template plugin dialog wasn't updated correctly.
* Fixed bug where the values for frame and rules in the table dialogs where swapped.
* Fixed bug where the elements like ins, del, cite, acronym and abbr didn't have the default editing style as the old 2.x branch.
* Fixed bug where ask mode would lock the focused textarea if you pressed cancel in the confirm dialog on FF 3.
* Fixed bug where ask mode would produce contents for empty textareas if you reloaded the page.
* Fixed so the onGetContent event gets the full pass through object just like the other events.
* Fixed so attributes for block elements remains the same when you change format of a element.
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