Release 3.1.0 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.1.0
Release Date: June 17, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Fixed bug where the paste as text didn't work correctly it encoded produced paragraphs and br elements.
* Fixed bug where embed element in XHTML style didn't work correctly in the media plugin.
* Fixed bug where style elements was forced empty in IE. The will now be wrapped in a comment just like script elements.
* Fixed bug where some script elements wrapped in CDATA could fail to be serialized correctly.
* Fixed bug where FF 3 produced -moz- internal styles in some style attributes.
* Fixed bug where query strings and external URLs didn't work correctly in style attributes.
* Fixed bug where shape attribute of area elements got serialized as rect regardless of it's initial value in IE 6.
* Fixed bug where selection of elements inside layers would fail in IE since focus was moved to the document body.
* Fixed bug where pressing enter/return in an editable select box would produce an __mce_add_custom__ class value.
* Fixed bug where changing font size of text placed inside a colored text chunk would remove the parent node.
* Fixed bug where Opera 9.5 final produced a strange line break behavior due to a workaround for previous Opera versions.
* Fixed bug where text/background color would produce a strange focus problem when you tried to click on the body in IE.
* Fixed issue where selecting the title of an listbox equals the old 2.x behavior of changing the value to an empty string.
* Fixed issue where it was common for the media plugin to break if the _value attribute wasn't added for the param element.
* Fixed issue where the wrong parent editor instance might be updated if you use fullscreen mode in an incorrect way.
* Fixed issue where Safari was producing a warning about the base element not being closed correctly.
* Removed redundant form element name matching from regexp in the DOMUtils class.
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