Release 3.1.1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.1.1
Release Date: August 18, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new getSize method to DOMUtils it will return the dimensions only of an element.
* Added new alert/confirm methods to the tinyMCEPopup class to prevent focus problems and also to shorten method calls.
* Added new plugin_preview_inline option to preview plugin to enable/disable native/inline dialogs.
* Added new readonly option. If this is set the editor will only display the contents for the user.
* Added missing tabindex and accesskey to input elements in the default valid_elements setup.
* Updated firebug lite to 1.2, to enable it use the tiny_mce_dev.js?debug=1 on the development package.
* Fixed so the preview dialog in the preview plugin uses inline dialogs/popups.
* Fixed so CDATA sections remains intact through the serialization process of the DOM tree.
* Fixed various issues with the getAttrib command. It will now return more correct values.
* Fixed bug where the embed element wasn't properly parsed in the media plugin it now supports 3 formats.
* Fixed bug where the noshade attribute was serialized incorrectly on IE.
* Fixed bug where editing an existing link element didn't force it relative.
* Fixed bug where image link creation fails on Safari if the image is aligned.
* Fixed bug where it was possible to scroll the fullscreen mode in Opera 9.50.
* Fixed bug where removal of center image alignment would fail. Patch contributed by Andrew Ozz.
* Fixed bug where inlinedialogs didn't work properly if the doctype was incorrect in IE.
* Fixed bug where cross domain loading didn't work correctly in Opera 9.50.
* Fixed bug where breaking huge text blocks with return/enter key would scroll to end of block.
* Fixed bug where replace button kept inserting the replacement text even if there is no more matches.
* Fixed bug with fullpage plugin where value wasn't set correctly. Patch contributed by Pascal Chantelois.
* Fixed bug where the dom utils setAttrib method call could produce an exception if the input was null/false.
* Fixed bug where pressing backspace would sometimes remove one extra character in Gecko browsers.
* Fixed bug where the native confirm/alert boxes would move focus to parent document if fired in dialogs.
* Fixed bug where Opera 9.50 was telling you that the selection is collapsed even when it isn't.
* Fixed bug where mceInsertContent would break up existing elements in Opera and Gecko.
* Fixed bug where TinyMCE fails to detect some keyboard combos on Mac, contributed by MattyRob.
* Fixed bug where replace all didn't move the caret to beginning of text before searching.
* Fixed bug where the oninit callback wasn't executed correctly when the strict_loading_mode option was used, thanks goes to Nicholas Oxhoej.
* Fixed bug where a access denied exception was thrown if some other script specified document.domain before loading TinyMCE.
* Fixed so setting language to empty string will skip language loading if translations are made by some backend.
* Fixed so dialog_type is automatically modal if you use the inlinepopups plugin use dialog_type : "window" to re-enable the old behavior.
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