Release 3.2 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.2
Release Date: September 11, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new text style support, it will now use span elements internally instead of font elements.
* Added new improved support for the theme_advanced_font_sizes option, check the Wiki for details.
* Added new keep_style setting that maintains the text style on return/enter on non IE browsers, enabled by default.
* Added new onBeforeSetContent/onBeforeGetContent/onSetContent/onGetContent events to the Selection class.
* Added new selectByIndex method to ListBox class. This enables you to select list items by an index instead of a value.
* Added new possibility to the select method of the ListBox class. This can now have a selector function as it's value argument.
* Added new possibility to skip the loading of popups css by setting the feature popup_css to the value false.
* Added new possibility to skip translation of popups by setting the translate_i18n feature to false.
* Added new element_format option enables you to produce HTML element endings instead of XHTML. But we are still in the XHTML is better camp.
* Added missing allowfullscreen and quality options for flash elements, this will now get correctly stored.
* Fixed bug where table cell dialog didn't close properly unless the accessibility_warnings option was set to false.
* Fixed bug where the modal dialog blocker element for inlinepopups wasn't placed at a correct location if the page had scroll.
* Fixed bug where non inline dialogs didn't close correctly if the inlinepopups plugin was used.
* Fixed bug where non inline dialogs could make the modal dialog blocker to work incorrectly.
* Fixed bug where style select wasn't populated correctly if you pressed the arrow. Patch by Hari Karam Singh.
* Fixed bug where toggling the fullscreen mode didn't restore scrollbars on IE when the editor was inside a frame. Patch by Jacob Barrett.
* Fixed bug where inserting flash contents using the template plugin didn't work correctly.
* Fixed bug where inserting flash contents using the selection.setContent or mceInsertContent command didn't work correctly.
* Fixed bug where IE would produce an exception if a comment started with -.
* Fixed bug where the blockquote button would wrap lists incorrectly on non IE browsers.
* Fixed bug where Opera would display BR elements in the element path.
* Fixed bug where xhtmlxtras didn't insert elements correctly on IE.
* Fixed bug where the buttons wasn't activated correctly in the xhtmlxtras plugin.
* Fixed bug where adding an object as the style attribute for the dom setAttribs method wouldn't work.
* Fixed bug where the background color would bleed out to parent container element in Gecko.
* Fixed bug where the insert column actions for tables would fail if you did it in a thead or tfoot. Patch contributed by T Andersen (tan73).
* Fixed bug where event blocker element wasn't positioned correctly for the inlinepopups plugin.
* Fixed bug where pasting from Office 2007 would produce an odd comment in the contents.
* Fixed bug where the paste as plain text could remove an extra character. Patch contributed by Speednet.
* Fixed bug where some characters where missing for the paste_replace_list option. Patch contributed by Speednet.
* Fixed bug where removing non existing editor instances by the mceRemoveControl command would produce an error.
* Fixed bug where meta elements with the name description would produce errors in IE.
* Fixed bug where color and background colors wouldn't be updated properly.
* Fixed bug where the createMenuButton of tinymce.ControlManager didn't implement the last class argument.
* Fixed bug where the editor_css option was relative from the TinyMCE installation directory not the current page.
* Fixed bug where elements wouldn't be padded if the element contained bogus br elements. For example TD elements.
* Fixed bug where parsing of <body > in fullpage plugin would produce an error.
* Fixed bug where relative urls with just ./ would become an empty string.
* Fixed bug where outdent button would be disabled if inline_styles where set to false.
* Fixed bug where replace with an empty search string would produce an error on IE.
* Fixed bug where restoring the overflow state of the body in fullscreen plugin running on IE would produce vertical scrollbars.
* Fixed bug where pressing return/enter in list items would sometimes move the caret the to top of the content area in FF.
* Fixed bug where the style listbox wouldn't be updated correctly if you used the use_native_selects option.
* Fixed bug where WebKit browsers would produce a div element when ending list elements using return.
* Fixed so translation of popup contents only occurs if it's needed.
* Optimized the URI object in regards or converting absolute URIs to relative URIs.
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