Release 3.2.1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.2.1
Release Date: November 04, 2008
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added support for custom icon image for drop menus. Use icon_src to set a custom image directly.
* Added new media_strict option to media plugin. Enables you to control if the flash embed is strict or not. Enabled by default.
* Fixed so the editors script files gets dynamically loaded without using XHR or eval.
* Fixed so the media plugin outputs valid XHTML object elements for Flash movies. Can be disabled with the media_strict option.
* Fixed so dynamic loading doesn't require eval calls on non IE browsers for better Air support.
* Fixed bug where the editor wasn't treated as empty if the remaining paragraph had attributes.
* Fixed bug where id's of elements was removed ones they got wrapped in paragraphs. Patch contributed by ChronoZ.
* Fixed bug where WebKit browsers where placing list elements inside paragraph elements.
* Fixed bug where inserting images or links would produce absolute urls on WebKit browsers.
* Fixed bug where values for checked, readonly, disabled and selected attributes was incorrect on IE.
* Fixed bug where positive values for checked, readonly, disabled and selected attributes wasn't forced to valid values.
* Fixed bug where selecting the first option in a native select box would produce an undefined error.
* Fixed bug where tabindex 32768 could be outputted on IE if element attributes where cloned.
* Fixed bug where the media dialogs preview window would display incorrect contents due to duplicate clsid prefixes.
* Fixed bug where non pixel or percent heights for textarea elements would produce errors on IE.
* Fixed bug where cdata sections in script elements wasn't handled correctly.
* Fixed bug where nowrap of table cells would produce a 65535 value output.
* Fixed bug where media plugin would produce an error if you selected the first item in the items list.
* Fixed bug where media plugin would modify links with the item _value in them.
* Fixed so table width/height is better forced if inline_styles is enabled. Patch contributed by daKmoR.
* Fixed css for IE 8 such as opacity and other rendering quirks.
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