Release of "TinyMCE"

Release Date: November 27, 2008
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Changelog: * Added new theme_advanced_default_background_color/theme_advanced_default_foreground_color options. Patch contributed by David Bildstr?m (ChronoZ).
* Fixed font style formatting compatibility issue with Adobe Air.
* Fixed so legacy font elements get converted into spans even if cleanup_on_startup isn't enabled.
* Fixed bug where pre elements could be incorrectly modified by an IE bug workaround. Patch contributed by hu vime.
* Fixed bug where input elements inside inlinepopups wasn't editable in Firefox 2.
* Fixed bug where the xhtmlxtras plugin wasn't replacing attribute values correctly.
* Fixed bug where menu buttons in skin variants would look strange due to IE 8 fixes.
* Fixed bug where WebKit browsers would on backspace take you back to the previous page if the editor was empty.
* Fixed bug where DOMUtils decode method wouldn't handle strings larger than 4096kb due to node chunking.
* Fixed bug where meta key wasn't handled as ctrl key on Mac OS X for custom keyboard short cuts.
* Fixed bug where init event would get fired twice on WebKit on Mac OS X.
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