Release 3.2.2 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.2.2
Release Date: March 05, 2009
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new CSS selector engine. Sizzle the same one that jQuery and other libraries are using.
* Added new is and getParents methods to the DOMUtils class. These use the new Sizzle engine to select elements.
* Added new removeformat_selector option, enables you to specify a CSS selector pattern of elements to remove when using removeformat.
* Fixed so the getParent method can take CSS expressions when selecting it's parents.
* Added new ant based build process, includes a new javabased preprocessor and a yuicompressor ant task.
* Moved the tab_focus logic into a plugin called tabfocus, so the old tab_focus option has been removed from the core.
* Replaced the TinyMCE custom unit testing framework with Qunit and rewrote all tests to match the new logic.
* Moved the examples/testcases to a root directory called tests since it now includes slickspeed.
* Fixed bug where nbsp wasn't replaced correctly in ForceBlocks.js. Patch contributed by thorn.
* Fixed bug where an dom exception would be thrown in Gecko when the theme_advanced_path path was set to false under xml application mode.
* Fixed bug where it was impossible to get out of a link at the end of a block element in Gecko.
* Fixed bug where the latest WebKit nightly would fail when changing font size and font family.
* Fixed bug where the latest WebKit nightly would fail when opening dialogs due to changes to the arguments object.
* Fixed bug where paragraphs wasn't added to elements positioned absolute using classes.
* Fixed bug where font size values with dot's like 1.4em would produce a class instead of the style value.
* Fixed bug where IE 8 would return an incorrect position for elements.
* Fixed bug where IE 8 would render colorpicker/filepicker icons incorrectly.
* Fixed bug where trailing slashes for directories in URLs would be removed.
* Fixed bug where autostart and other boolean values in the media dialog wouldn't be stored/parsed correctly.
* Fixed bug where the repaint call for the media plugin wouldn't be executed due to a typo in the source.
* Fixed bug where id attribute of object elements wasn't kept intact by the media plugin.
* Fixed bug where preview of embeded elements when the media_use_script option was used would fail.
* Fixed bug where inlinepopups could be rendered at an incorrect location on IE 6 while dragging.
* Fixed bug where the blocker shim could be placed at an incorrect location on IE 6.
* Fixed bug where the multiple and size attributes of select elements would produce incorrect values while running in IE.
* Fixed bug where IE would loose the caret position is you selected a color from the color drop down.
* Fixed bug where remove format wouldn't work on IE since it couldn't remove span elements that had style information.
* Fixed bug where Opera was removing links when removing formatting from selected contents.
* Fixed bug where paragraphs could be produced inside non positional elements styled with the CSS position value of static.
* Fixed bug where removeformat wouldn't work if you selected part of a span in IE.
* Fixed bug where media plugin didn't retain the style attribute on embed/object elements.
* Fixed bug where auto focus on empty editor instances could produce strange results if you inserted an image into it.
* Fixed bug where   characters would be removed in FF when inserted with the mceInsertContent or selection.setContent methods.
* Fixed bug where warning message of missing paste support wasn't displayed on WebKit browsers.
* Fixed bug where anchor links could include other links. The selected range is now unlinked before adding news links to it.
* Fixed memory leak when TinyMCE was used with prototype. Patch contributed by James Ots.
* Fixed so the non documented fullpage_hide_in_source_view option for the fullpage plugin works again in the 3.x branch.
* Fixed so tables doesn't get inserted into paragraphs by default since it's not W3C valid. Can be disabled by using the fix_table_elements option.
* Fixed so the source view dialog sets a source_view state to the event object. Enables plugins to intercept the source view mode.
* Fixed various validation issues with the html dialogs and pages.
* Removed ask mode option since there is way better ways of doing this now. Use the add/remove control methods instead.
* Removed logic for compatibility with Safari 2.x, this browser is no longer supported since no one is using it.
* Removed the auto domain relaxing feature. If loading scripts cross sub domains it's better to specify the document.domain by hand.
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