Release 3.2.4 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.2.4
Release Date: May 21, 2009
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Changelog: * Added new paste_remove_styles/paste_remove_styles_if_webkit option to paste plugin concept contributed by Hadrien Gardeur.
* Added new functionality to paste plugin contributed by Scott Eade aka monkeybrain.
* Added new paste_block_drop option to the paste plugin this is disabled by default and will block any drag/drop event.
* Added new bind/unbind methods to DOMUtils these works like Event.add/Event.remove but is easier to access.
* Added new paste_dialog_width/paste_dialog_height options to paste pluign. Enables you to change the dialog sizes.
* Fixed bug on IE 8 where it would sometimes produce a "1 item remaining" status message that would never finish.
* Fixed bug on Safari 4 beta that would produce DOM Range exceptions on the DOMUtils split method since the browser has a bug.
* Fixed bug where the paste plugin could accidentally think that some word sentences was supposed to be list elements.
* Fixed bug where paste plugin would produce one extra empty undo level on some browsers.
* Fixed bug where spans wasn't produced correctly on new line when the keep_styles option was enabled.
* Fixed bug where the caret would be placed at the beginning of contents in IE 8 if you selected colors from the color pickers.
* Fixed so the Event class is a normal class instead of a static one. The tinymce.dom.Event is now a global instance of that class.
* Fixed so internal events for instances gets removed when the DOMUtils instance is removed.
* Fixed so preventDefault and stopPropagation methods can be used on the event object in all browsers.
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