Release 3.2.5 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.2.5
Release Date: June 29, 2009
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new jQuery plugin for the jQuery specific package. This enables you to more easily load and use TinyMCE.
* Added new autoresize plugin contributed by Peter Dekkers. This plugin will auto resize the editor to the size of the contents.
* Fixed so all packages have the same directory structure. Previous releases had a different structure for the production package.
* Fixed so the paste from word dialog forces the contents to be processed as word contents even if it's not.
* Fixed so the jQuery build adapter build works. It's currently only excluding Sizzle.
* Fixed so noscript element contents is retained during the editing process.
* Fixed bug where the getBookmark method would need a "simple" string input when the documented way is a boolean.
* Fixed bug where invalid contents could break the fix_table_elements logic.
* Fixed bug where Sizzle specific attributes would be serialized if the valid_elements was set to *[*].
* Fixed bug where IE would produce an error if you specified a relative content_css and opened the paste dialog.
* Fixed bug where pasting images on IE would produce broken images if they came from an external site.
* Fixed bug where memory was leaked if you add/remove controls dynamically. Some event handlers wasn't removed properly.
* Fixed bug where domain relaxing wasn't treated correctly if you added it after the TinyMCE script element.
* Fixed bug where the activeEditor wasn't set to null if the last editor instance was removed.
* Fixed bug where IE was leaking memory on the onbeforeunload event due to some recently introduced logic. Patch contributed by Options.
* Fixed bug where inserting tables in Safari 4 didn't work due to a new WebKit bug where some element names are reserved.
* Fixed bug where URLs having a :// value in the query string would make it absolute regardless of URL settings.
* Fixed the WebKit specific bug where DOM Ranges would fail if the node wasn't attached to something in a different way.
* Removed the auto_resize option and the resizeToContent method from the tinymce.Editor class. Use the new autoresize plugin instead.
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