Release 3.2.6 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.2.6
Release Date: August 19, 2009
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Changelog: * Added new wordcount plugin, this will display the number of typed words as you write. Contributed by Andrew Ozz.
* Added new getNext and getPrev methods to DOM utils. These will return the first matching sibling.
* Fixed bug where it was impossible to place the caret after a table on Gecko. It will now add a paragraph after tables.
* Fixed bug where inline dialogs would fail if used in a window opened using a showModalDialog. Patch contributed by Derek Britt.
* Fixed bug where IE could sometimes render a unknown runtime error on invalid input HTML.
* Fixed bug where some incorrectly placed tables wouldn't be moved outside the paragraphs on IE.
* Fixed bug where uppercase script/style element wouldn't be handled correctly and converted to valid lowercase.
* Fixed bug where some WebKit versions on Mac OS X would produce issues with hidden select fields.
* Fixed bug where the media plugin would fail on WebKit since the node wasn't properly imported to the right document.
* Fixed bug where absolute URLs for the TinyMCE script using a base href element would cause loading problems in IE 6/7.
* Fixed bug where pasting using the paste plugin wasn't possible on IE with to restrictive security settings.
* Fixed bug where pasting of whitespace was impossible using the new custom paste method.
* Fixed bug where pasting on some WebKit browsers would not work if you pasted specific contents due to a WebKit bug.
* Fixed bug where doctypes with multiple lines would not be parsed correctly by the fullpage plugin. Patch contributed by Colin.
* Fixed bug where the autoresize plugin would break the fullscreen functionality.
* Fixed bug where tables would be chopped up running on IE using invalid contents and pasting paragraphs into a cell.
* Fixed bug where the each method of jQuery build didn't iterate styleSheets. We now use the TinyMCE API one instead.
* Fixed bug where auto switching to paragraphs after headers some times failed in Gecko.
* Fixed so all editor options gets passed to the Serializer class. Patch contributed by Jasper Mattsson.
* Fixed so script/style blocks isn't wrapped in paragraphs as other inline elements.
* Fixed so the XHR requests sends the X-Requested-With HTTP header.
* Fixed so the data url scheme is handled in the tinymce.util.URI class.
* Changed inline documentation to use moxiedoc style comments.
* Removed the compat2x plugin people should have upgraded to the 3.x API by now. 3.0 was released more then a year ago.
* Re-added Gecko specific message for users who doesn't understand the security concept regarding paste.
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