Release 3.2.7 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.2.7
Release Date: September 22, 2009
Download URL:
Changelog: * Fixed bug where uppercase paragraphs could still produce an invalid DOM tree on IE.
* Fixed bug where split command didn't work on WebKit since the node serializer needs a real document to work with.
* Fixed bug where it was impossible in Gecko to place the caret before a table if it was the first one.
* Fixed bug where linking to urls like ../../ would produce an extra traling slash ../..//.
* Fixed bug where the template cdate functionality was using an old 2.x API call. Patch contributed by vectorjohn.
* Fixed bug where urls to the same site but different protocol would be converted when relative_urls where set to false. Patch contributed by Ted Rust.
* Fixed bug where the paste plugin would remove mceItem prefixed classes.
* Fixed bug where the paste plugin would sometimes add items in a reverse order on WebKit.
* Fixed bug where the paste buttons would present an error message on Gecko even if you changed user.js. Patch contributed by Todd (teeaykay).
* Fixed bug where Opera would crash if you had tables incorrectly placed inside paragraphs.
* Fixed bug where styles elements wasn't properly processed if you had bad input HTML.
* Fixed bug where style attributes wasn't properly forced into a specific format.
* Fixed bug and issues with boolean attributes like checked, nowrap etc.
* Fixed bug where input elements could override attributes on form elements.
* Fixed bug where script or style elements could get modified by the DOMUtils processHTML method.
* Fixed bug where the selected attribute could get lost when force root blocks logic got executed on IE. Patch contributed by Attila Mezei-Horvati.
* Fixed bug where getAttribs method didn't handle boolean attributes correctly on IE.
* Fixed so the paste from word dialog is presented if you paste content on an IE with to restrictive security settings.
* Fixed so the paste_strip_class_attributes option is set to none by default in the paste plugin.
* Removed default border=0 on tables for the default value of valid_elements.
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