Release 3.3b1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.3b1
Release Date: January 25, 2010
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new text formatting engine. Fixes a lot of browser quirks and adds new possibilities.
* Added new advlist plugin that enables you to set the formats of list elements.
* Added new paste plugin logic that enables you to retain style information from Office.
* Added new autosave plugin logic that automatically saves contents in local storage.
* Added new valid_styles option. Adds the possibility to restrict styles and their order.
* Added new theme_advanced_runtime_fontsize option to display the runtime font size in font size select box.
* Added new jquery plugin version that handles the gzip compressor amongst other things. Contributed by Speednet.
* Added new $ function to tinymce namespace and editor instances for the jQuery build.
* Added the possibility to get editors by index as well as name in the tinyMCE.editors collection.
* Fixed so the contents inside the editor renders in standards mode by default.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to move the caret on short documents running in standards mode on IE.
* Fixed bug where the decode method of the DOMUtils class could end up in an endless loop.
* Fixed bug where it was possible to bypass the paste cleanup on non IE browsers if you clicked while pasting.
* Fixed bug where some attributes wasn't serialized correctly on IE if wildcard attribute patters where used.
* Fixed bug where entity decoding was performed on strings that didn't have any valid entities in them.
* Fixed bugs with the insertNode method of the IE DOMRange implementation. Patch contributed by Scott McNaught.
* Rewrote the getBookmark/moveToBookmark selection logic to boost performance on larger documents.
* Rewrote the table plugin to include new cell selection logic and fixed various bugs and issues.
* Merged the tinyMCE, tinymce and tinymce.EditorManager into the same instance makes more sense.
* Removed browser setting since the browser support for TinyMCE is not far better than it was when that setting was introduced.
* Changed the mce_ attribute prefix to the more standard _mce_ prefix. This is similar to browser vendors prefixes.
* Optimized performance with named entities on Gecko. Regexp replace was executing very slowly probably due to a Gecko bug.
* Optimized performance of the IE specific selection/range implementation.
* Removed the safari plugin since we now replaced all text formatting logic to custom code.
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