Release 3.3.3 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.3.3
Release Date: April 19, 2010
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Changelog: * Added new script_loaded callback function setting for the jQuery plugin.
* Added various fixes and new rpc methods for the spellchecker plugin. Patch contributed by Michael Peters.
* Removed some unnecessary inline style information from some of the dialogs.
* Fixed some issues with the chaining for the TinyMCE jQuery plugin.
* Fixed so any extra arguments passed to patched jQuery functions gets passed through. Patch contributed by Lee Henson.
* Fixed so spellchecking/contextmenu can be toggled on/off if the browser has native spellchecker support.
* Fixed bug where some texts in the new paste plugin wasn't placed in language pack.
* Fixed bug where IE would produce an incorrect information message when cutting.
* Fixed bug where removing items using the xhtmlxtras plugin wouldn't work correctly.
* Fixed bug where setting table background images would add extra quotes on Gecko.
* Fixed bug where shortcut for bold/italic/underline wouldn't work properly on WebKit.
* Fixed bug where IE would produce an error message if only contents was an image tag and bold was used.
* Fixed bug where the caret would move if alignment was applied to empty block elements.
* Fixed bug where some shortcut key commands wouldn't apply formatting correctly.
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