Release 3.3.7 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.3.7
Release Date: June 10, 2010
Download URL:
Changelog: * Fixed bug where context menu would produce an error on IE if you right clicked twice and left clicked once.
* Fixed bug where resizing of the window on WebKit browsers in fullscreen mode wouldn't position the statusbar correctly.
* Fixed bug where IE would produce an error if the editor was empty and you where undoing to that initial level.
* Fixed bug where setting the table background on gecko would produce \" entities inside the url style property.
* Fixed bug where the button states wouldn't be updated correctly on IE if you placed the caret inside the new element.
* Fixed bug where undo levels wasn't properly added after applying styles or font sizes.
* Fixed bug where IE would throw an error if you used "select all" on empty elements and applied formatting to that.
* Fixed bug where IE could select one extra character when you did a bookmark call on a caret location.
* Fixed bug where IE could produce a script error on delete since it would sometimes produce an invalid DOM.
* Fixed bug where IE would return the wrong start element if the whole element was selected.
* Fixed bug where formatting states wasn't updated on IE if you pressed enter at the end of a block with formatting.
* Fixed bug where submenus for the context menu wasn't removed correctly when the editor was destroyed.
* Fixed bug where Gecko could select the wrong element after applying format to multiple elements.
* Fixed bug where Gecko would delete parts of the previous element if the selection range was a element selection.
* Fixed bug where Gecko would not merge paragraph elements correctly if they contained br elements.
* Fixed bug where the cleanup button could produce span artifacts if you pressed it twice in a row.
* Fixed bug where the fullpage plugin header/footer would be have it's header reseted to it's initial state on undo.
* Fixed bug where an empty paragraph would be collapsed if you performed a cleanup while having the caret inside it.
* Fixed a few memory leaks on IE especially with drop menus in listboxes and the spellchecker.
* Fixed so formats applied to the current caret gets merged to reduce the number of output elements.
* Added the latest version of Sizzle for the CSS selector logic to fix a compatibility issue with prototype.
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