Release 3.4b1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.4b1
Release Date: December 16, 2010
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new serialization engine that increases performance and enforces valid output according to the specified schema settings.
* Added new HTML parser logic used by the serialization engine and can handle malformed html contents.
* Added new valid_children config option, enables more fine grain control of elements can be inside other elements.
* Added new entities encoding logic boost performance and will only encode entities based on context i.e. attributes/text nodes.
* Added new protect setting that enables users to protect template items from being removed by the serializer logic.
* Added new {$caret} marker for the mceInsertContent command. Makes it possible to move the caret to a specific position when inserting contents.
* Added new validation of anchor names. Only valid W3C names will be accepted.
* Replaced the internal _mce_ prefixed attributes to the more standard HTML5 data-mce- prefix. This will also resolve future browser santiaztion issues.
* Fixed bug where the paste plugin wouldn't convert Word lists with more than 9 items to real ol lists. Patch contributed by Mike (yogaboy).
* Fixed bug where clicking on a format title would produce errors if the current selection didn't have any formats.
* Fixed bug where paste of simple texts wouldn't work correctly in Gecko using the paste plugin since it keeps block formatting.
* Fixed bug where confirm dialogs didn't display correctly due to resent IE9 fixes.
* Fixed bug where spaces in URLs wouldn't be properly encoded to %20 if the user entered them in the link dialogs. Patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where the image alignment buttons wouldn't reposition the resize handles on FF due to a browser issue. Patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where the compareBoundaryPoints method of the IE Range class didn't work correctly. Patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where selection of elements using double click wouldn't select the clicked element but rather the parent node on FF. Patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where IE would scroll the user to the current selection causing parent document to scroll as well. Patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where style compression would incorrectly compress items with different values. It now only compresses if the values are the same. Patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where FF would add non breaking spaces outside TD elements if formatting was applied to table cells. Patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where the caret position would be lost on WebKit browsers if you pasted images multiple times. Patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where non word contents like * would be counted as words in the wordcount pluging. Patch contributed by David Balatero.
* Fixed bug where the toggle absolute button in the layer plugin wouldn't remove the existing internal style attribute first.
* Fixed bug where the autosave plugin would generate an exception on IE if the user had disabled userdata persistence.
* Fixed bug where the paste plugin would remove dashed classes on IE since the regexps didn't include that character.
* Fixed bug where applying text color would not add spans inside link elements. This is needed due to CSS style inheritance.
* Fixed bug where applying block formats to empty elements wouldn't render correctly on IE.
* Fixed bug where the searchreplace plugin would add a f or r character when shortcuts where used on IE while using default dialogs.
* Fixed bug where Opera wouldn't load scripts correctly since the onreadystate would fire even though the script wasn't loaded.
* Fixed issue where   wouldn't be handled correctly in the bbcode plugin if entity_encoding was set to raw.
* Fixed issue where contents would flicker since the content css files where asynchronously loaded.
* Fixed bug where WebKit wouldn't create links on images with a float style.
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