Release 3.4b3 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.4b3
Release Date: February 10, 2011
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added WAI-ARIA support for the main UI and dialogs this feature was contributed by Ephox.
* Added iframe support to media plugin in order to handle the new YouTube HTML5 video formats.
* Fixed bug where anchors would wrap the text contents after it due to a bug in the DomParser logic.
* Fixed bug where the selected state wouldn't be removed on ListBox controls when a menu item was selected.
* Fixed bug where IE could throw an unspecified error exception when the getBookmark logic was executed.
* Fixed bug where IE would throw an invalid argument error when focus was applied to an empty editor instance.
* Fixed bug where applying inline format wouldn't work if the start cell in the selection was empty.
* Fixed bug where auto detection logic for YouTube and Google Video wouldn't work in the new media plugin.
* Fixed bug where td elements would get a colspan/rowspan of 1 when created by the table plugin.
* Fixed bug where removal/padding of empty elements wasn't handled correctly.
* Fixed bug where internal elements would show up in element path.
* Fixed bug where internal elements would get serialized as valid output.
* Fixed bug where color wasn't correctly applied to anchor elements.
* Fixed bug where float option in the style plugin dialog wouldn't be handled correctly on WebKit.
* Fixed bug where the tinymce.dom.TreeWalker prev function wouldn't walk the DOM correctly.
* Fixed bug where mceInsertContent command could produce empty block elements after the inserted content.
* Fixed bug where mceInsertContent command wouldn't apply visual aids on tables and similar elements.
* Fixed bug where empty block elements would get double br bogus elements in them.
* Fixed bug where the color menu wouldn't apply the color correctly on IE when the viewport was to small.
* Fixed bug where right clicking out side the body element of the editor iframe would prevent paste from working on IE.
* Fixed bug where the onContextMenu event wouldn't fire correctly on IE if you clicked out side the body element.
* Fixed bug where the onContextMenu event wouldn't fire correctly on modern Opera versions that now support it by default.
* Fixed bug where legacy content wasn't converted correctly when inserted using mceInsertContent or through the source dialog.
* Fixed bug where resizing images or tables wouldn't update the style attribute correctly or leave data-mce prefixed attributes.
* Fixed bug where adding links wouldn't work correctly when using TinyMCE jQuery version with jQuery 1.5.
* Fixed bug where single quotes inside param elements wasn't treated correctly by the media plugin.
* Fixed bug where pasting plain text in WebKit wouldn't work correctly. It will now auto detect the WebKit bug and use plain text mode.
* Fixed bug where the DomParser would fail to move out invalid elements within invalid elements on complex contents.
* Fixed bug where paste as plain text would not decode html entities properly.
* Fixed bug where large paragraphs would cause incorrect scrolling behavior if you would split them using enter.
* Fixed bug where the SaxParser wouldn't properly parse some specific short ended elements.
* Fixed so mceReplaceContent supports caret position and makes sure that the contents inserted gets validated.
* Fixed so unnecessary traling br elements in blocks gets removed on Gecko/WebKit when using mceInsertContent command.
* Moved some plugin css contents into the skin content css files to reduce the number of http requests.
* Moved some plugin specific images into the theme img directory since they can then be shared.
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