Release 3.4 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.4
Release Date: March 10, 2011
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added accessibility example with various accessibility options contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed bug where attributes wasn't properly handled in the xhtmlxtras plugin.
* Fixed bug where the image.htm had some strange td artifacts probably due to auto merging.
* Fixed bug where the ToolbarGroup had an missing reference to this in it's destroy method.
* Fixed bug with the resizeBy function in the advanced theme where it was scaled by the wrong parent.
* Fixed bug where an exception would be thrown by the element if the page was served in xhtml mode.
* Fixed bug where mceInsertContent would throw an exception when page was served in xhtml mode.
* Fixed bug where you couldn't select a forground/background color when page was served in xhtml mode.
* Fixed bug where the editor would scroll to the toolbar when clicked due to a call to focus in ListBox.
* Fixed bug where pages with rtl dir wouldn't render split buttons correctly when using the o2k7 theme.
* Fixed bug where anchor elements with names wasn't properly collapsed as they where in 3.3.x.
* Fixed bug where WebKit wouldn't properly handle image selection if it was done left to right.
* Fixed bug where the formatter would align images when the selection range was collapsed.
* Fixed bug where the image button would be active when the selection range was collapsed.
* Fixed bug where the element_format option wasn't used by the new (X)HTML serializer logic.
* Fixed bug where the table cell/row dialogs would produce empty attributes.
* Fixed bug where the tfoot wouldn't be added to the top of the table.
* Fixed bug where the formatter would merge siblings with white space between them.
* Fixed bug where pasting headers and paragraphs would produce an extra paragraph.
* Fixed bug where the ColorSplitButton would throw an exception if you clicked out side a color.
* Fixed bug where IE9 wouldn't properly produce new paragraphs on enter if the current paragraph had formatting.
* Fixed bug where multiple BR elements at end of block elements where removed.
* Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin wouldn't correctly display the edit area on IE6 for long pages.
* Fixed bug where paste plugin wouldn't properly encode raw entities when pasting in plain text mode.
* Fixed bug where the search/replace plugin wouldn't work correctly on IE 9.
* Fixed so the drop menus doesn't get an outline border visible when focused, patch contributed by Ephox.
* Fixed so the values entered in the color picker are forced to hex values.
* Removed dialog workaround for IE 9 beta since the RC is now out and people should upgrade.
* Removed obsolete calls in various plugins to the mceBeginUndoLevel command.
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