Release 3.4.3 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.4.3
Release Date: June 09, 2011
Download URL:
Changelog: * Fixed bug where deleting backwards before an image into a list would put the cursor in the wrong location.
* Fixed bug where styles plugin would not apply styles across multiple selected block elements correctly.
* Fixed bug where cursor would jump to start of document when selection contained empty table cells in IE8.
* Fixed bug where applied styles wouldn't be kept if you pressed enter twice to produce two paragraphs.
* Fixed bug where a ghost like caret would appear on Gecko when pressing enter while having a text color applied.
* Fixed bug where IE would produce absolute urls if you inserted a image/link and reloaded the page.
* Fixed bug where applying a heading style to a list item would cascade style to children list items.
* Fixed bug where Editor loses focus when backspacing and changing styles in WebKit.
* Fixed bug where exception was thrown in tinymce.util.URI when parsing a relative URI and no base_uri setting was provided.
* Fixed bug where alt-f10 was not always giving focus to the toolbar on Safari.
* Added new 'allow_html_in_named_anchor' option to allow html to occur within a named anchor tag. Use at own risk.
* Added plugin dependency support. Will autoload plugins specified as a dependency if they haven't been loaded.
* Fixed bug where the autolink plugin didn't work with non-English keyboards when pressing ).
* Added possibility to change properties of all table cells in a column.
* Added external_image_list option to get images list from user-defined variable or function.
* Fixed bug where the autoresize plugin wouldn't reduce the editors height on Chrome.
* Fixed bug where table size inputs were to small for values with size units.
* Fixed bug where table cell/row size input values were not validated.
* Fixed bug where menu item line-height would be set to wrong value by external styles.
* Fixed bug where hasUndo() would return wrong answer.
* Fixed bug where page title would be set to undefined by fullpage plugin.
* Fixed bug where HTML5 video properties were not updated in embedded media settings.
* Fixed bug where HTML comment on the first line would cause an error.
* Fixed bug where spellchecker menu was positioned incorrectly on IE.
* Fixed bug where breaking out of list elements on WebKit would produce a DIV instead of P after the list.
* Fixed bug where pasting from Word in IE9 would add extra BR elements when text was word wrapped.
* Fixed bug where numeric entities with leading zeros would produce incorrect decoding.
* Fixed bug where hexadecimal entities wasn't properly decoded.
* Fixed bug where bookmarks wasn't properly stored/restored on undo/redo.
* Fixed bug where the mceInsertCommand didn't retain the values of links if they contained non url contents.
* Fixed bug where the valid_styles option wouldn't be properly used on styles for specific elements.
* Fixed so contentEditable is used for the body of the editor if it's supported.
* Fixed so trailing BR elements gets removed even when forced_root_blocks option was set to false/null.
* Fixed performance issue with mceInsertCommand and inserting very simple contents.
* Fixed performance issue with older IE version and huge documents by optimizing the forced root blocks logic.
* Fixed performance issue with table plugin where it checked for selected cells to often.
* Fixed bug where creating a link on centered/floated image would produce an error on WebKit browsers.
* Fixed bug where Gecko would remove single paragraphs if there where contents before/after it.
* Fixed bug where the scrollbar would move up/down when pasting contents using the paste plugin.
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