Release 3.4.4 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.4.4
Release Date: August 04, 2011
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new html5 audio support. Patch contributed by Ronald M. Clifford.
* Added mute option for video elements and preload options for video/audio patch contributed by Dmitry Kalinkin.
* Fixed selection to match visual selection before applying formatting changes.
* Fixed browser specific bugs in lists for WebKit and IE.
* Fixed bug where IE would scroll the window if you closed an inline dialog that was larger than the viewport. Patch by Laurence Keijmel.
* Fixed bug where pasting contents near a span element could remove parts of that span. Patch contributed by Wesley Walser.
* Fixed bug where formatting change would be lost after pressing enter.
* Fixed bug in WebKit where deleting across blocks would add extra styles.
* Fixed bug where moving cursor vertically in tables in WebKit wasn't working.
* Fixed bug in IE where deleting would cause error in console.
* Fixed bug where the formatter was not applying formats across list elements.
* Fixed bug where the wordcount plugin would try and update the wordcount if tinymce had been destroyed.
* Fixed bug where tabfocus plugin would attempt to focus elements not displayed when their parent element was hidden.
* Fixed bug where the contentEditable state would sometimes be removed if you deleted contents in Gecko.
* Fixed bug where inserting contents using mceInsertContent would fail if "span" was disabled in valid_elements.
* Fixed bug where initialization might fail if some resource on gecko wouldn't load properly and fire the onload event.
* Fixed bug where ctrl+7/8/9 keys wouldn't properly add the specific formats associated with them.
* Fixed bug where the HTML tags wasn't properly closed in the style plugins properties dialog.
* Fixed bug where the list plugin would produce an exception if the user tried to delete an element at the very first location.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=26596
Notes Title: TinyMCE 3.4.4 Released
Notes: This release contains a quite a few bug fixes that we made during the summer. But it also includes some new features contributed by the community in regards of HTML5 video/audio support. A lot of fixes has been focused around the lists plugin so that one should work a lot better now when it comes to specific edge cases and similar. There has also been a lot of activity in the regards of forks/pull requests and bug reports. I send a big thanks to the community for helping out with the development and testing of TinyMCE it's very helpful.