Release 3.4.5 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.4.5
Release Date: September 06, 2011
Download URL:
Changelog: * Fixed accessibility bug in WebKit where the right and left arrow keys would update native list boxes.
* Added new whitespace_elements option to enable users to specify specific elements where the whitespace is preserved.
* Added new merge_siblings option to formats. This option makes it possible to disable the auto merging of siblings when applying formats.
* Fixed bug in IE where trailing comma in paste plugin would cause plugin to not run correctly.
* Fixed bug in WebKit where console messages would be logged when deleting an empty document.
* Fixed bug in IE8 where caret positioned is on list item instead of paragraph when outdent splits the list
* Fixed bug with image dialogs not inserting an image if id was omitted from valid_elements.
* Fixed bug where the selection normalization logic wouldn't properly handle image elements in specific config cases.
* Fixed bug where the map elements coords attribute would be messed up by IE when serializing the DOM.
* Fixed bug where IE wouldn't properly handle custom elements when the contents was serialized.
* Fixed bug where you couldn't move the caret in Gecko if you focused the editor using the API or a UI control.
* Fixed bug where adjacent links would get merged on IE due to bugs in their link command.
* Fixed bug where the color split buttons would loose the selection on IE if the editor was placed in a frame/iframe.
* Fixed bug where floated images in WebKit wouldn't get properly linked.
* Fixed bug where the fullscreen mode in a separate window wasn't forced into IE9+ standards mode.
* Fixed bug where pressing enter in an empty editor on WebKit could produce DIV elements instead of P.
* Fixed bug where spans would get removed incorrectly when merging two blocks on backspace/delete on WebKit.
* Fixed bug where the editor contents wouldn't be completely removed on backspace/delete on WebKit.
* Fixed bug where the fullpage plugin wouldn't properly render style elements in the head on IE 6/7.
* Fixed bug where the nonbreaking_force_tab option in the nonbreaking plugin wouldn't work on Gecko/WebKit.
* Fixed bug where the isDirty state would become true on non IE browsers if there was an table at the end of the contents.
* Fixed bug where entities wasn't properly encoded on WebKit when pasting text as plain text.
* Fixed bug where empty editors would produce an exception of valid_elements didn't include body and forced_root_blocks where disabled.
* Fixed bug where the fullscreen mode wouldn't retain the header/footer in the fullpage plugin.
* Fixed issue where the plaintext_mode and plaintext_mode_sticky language keys where swapped.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=26878
Notes Title: TinyMCE 3.4.5 Released
Notes: This release focuses on bug fixes but a few new features and an updated English language pack was introduced. One of the more critical bugs that was fixed was some initialization issues on Gecko browsers where the caret some times would get stuck. The default English language pack is now more camel case to match some of the common office desktop suites. This updated language pack was contributed by Jeremy Landes. We also removed some old language items and introduced a few new ones that where missing from the language packs. Check the changelog for all the details of the specific bugs that was resolved.