Release 3.4.8 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.4.8
Release Date: February 02, 2012
Download URL:
Changelog: * Fixed bug in IE where selected text ending with space cannot be formatted then formatted again to get original text.
* Fixed bug in IE where images larger than editor area were being deselected when toolbar buttons are clicked.
* Fixed bug where wrong text align buttons are active when multiple block elements are selected.
* Fixed bug where selected link not showing in target field of link dialog in some selection cases.
* Use settings for remove_trailing_br so this can be turned off instead of hard coding the value.
* Fixed bug in IE where the media plugin displayed null text when some values aren't filled in.
* Added API method 'onSetAttrib' that fires when the attribute value on a node changes.
* Fix font size dropdown value not being updated when text already has a font size in the advanced template.
* Fixed bug in IE where IE doesn't use ARIA attributes properly on options - causing labels to be read out 2 times.
* Fixed bug where caret cannot be placed after table if table is at end of document in IE.
* Fixed bug where adding range isn't always successful so we need to check range count otherwise an exception can occur.
* Added spacebar onclick handler to toolbar buttons to ensure that the accessibility behaviour works correctly.
* Fixed bug where a stranded bullet point would get created in WebKit.
* Fixed bug where selecting text in a blockquote and pressing backspace toggles the style.
* Fixed bug where pressing enter from a heading in IE, the resulting P tag below it shares the style property.
* Fix white space in between spans from being deleted.
* Fixed bug where scrollbars where visible in the character map dialog on Gecko.
* Fixed issue with missing translation for one of the emoticons.
* Fixed bug where dots in id:s where causing problems. Patch provided by Abhishek Dev.
* Fixed bug where urls with an at sign in the path wouldn't be parsed correctly. Patch contributed by Jason Grout.
* Fixed bug where Opera would remove the first character of a inline formatted word if you pressed backspace.
* Fixed bugs with the autoresize plugin on various browsers and removed the need for the throbber.
* Fixed performance issue where the contextmenu plugin would try to remove the menu even if it was removed. Patch contributed by mhu.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=28006
Notes Title: TinyMCE 3.4.8 Released
Notes: This release if a maintenance release. Various bugs and issues where fixed see the changelog for details. Various fixes where applied to the autoresize plugin it will now auto resize to the contents without any throbber and it works a lot better on WebKit browsers. A few list handling issues on WebKit was also resolved and a fix for Opera where it would delete the first character of a caret formatted word if you used backspace.