Release 3.5b1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.5b1
Release Date: March 08, 2012
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new event class that is faster and enables support for faking events.
* Added new self_closing_elements, short_ended_elements, boolean_attributes, non_empty_elements and block_elements options to control the HTML Schema.
* Added new schema option and support for the HTML5 schema.
* Added new visualblocks plugin that shows html5 blocks with visual borders.
* Added new types and selector options to make it easier to create editor instances with different configs.
* Added new preview of formatting options in various listboxes.
* Added new preview_styles option that enables control over what gets previewed.
* Fixed bug where content css would be loaded twice into iframe.
* Fixed bug where start elements with only whitespace in the attribute part wouldn't be correctly parsed.
* Fixed bug where the advlink dialog would produce an error about the addSelectAccessibility function not being defined.
* Fixed bug where the caret would be placed at an incorrect position if span was removed by the invalid_elements setting.
* Fixed bug where elements inside a white space preserve element like pre didn't inherit the behavior while parsing.
* Improved behaviour of backspacing into a table to be consistant across browsers and disable backspace when cursor immediately follows a table.
* Improved edit CSS style plugin for single and multiple block selection and provide option to apply style to only selected text.
* Fixed bug in Chrome where moving caret down in table and pasting throws errors.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=28321
Notes Title: TinyMCE 3.5b1 Released
Notes: We been working on the 3.5 branch for a while and it was time to release a first beta of that code. It includes some new features that have been requested by the community. It also contains some internal changes to boost performance since this release includes a lot of new features and major changes to some of the internals we release this as a beta release. [b]Rewritten noneditable plugin[/b] We decided to rewrite the noneditable plugin from scratch since the old one had some issues with nested editable contents and was a bit tricky to use. The new logic makes it easier to handle nested editable regions and inline noneditable blocks of text like variables/placeholders. Here is a demo of the new noneditable plugin: [b]HTML5 support and visualblocks plugin[/b] We have seen some feedback on subject of editing HTML5 contents inside TinyMCE so we decided to add support for editing the block level HTML5 elements like section and article etc. We needed to create a visualblocks plugin in order to edit these new block types since it would be difficult without having visible guidelines where the blocks start/end. Here is a demo of the visualblocks plugin and a config setup for editing HTML5. [b]Styles preview[/b] A common request over the years have been to have a preview of the styles in the styles drop down. The common response we had before was that it would be difficult since some CSS properties of these styles might interfere with the UI. We solved this by only taking CSS properties that alter text appearance and not the once that might break layout. [b]Feedback/Bug reports[/b] We love to get feedback on these new features or bug reports if you find any issues.