Release 3.5b3 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 3.5b3
Release Date: March 29, 2012
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added cancel button to colour picker dialog.
* Added figure and figcaption to the html5 visualblocks plugin.
* Added default alignment options for the figure element.
* Fixed bug where empty inline elements within block elements would sometimes produce a br child element.
* Fixed bug where urls pointing to the same domain as the current one would cause undefined errors. Patch contributed by Paul Giberson.
* Fixed bug where enter inside an editable element inside an non editable element would split the element.
* Fixed bug where cut/copy/paste of noneditable elements didn't work.
* Fixed bug where backspace would sometimes produce font elements on WebKit.
* Fixed bug where WebKit would produce spans out of various inline elements when using backspace.
* Fixed bug where IE9 wouldn't properly update image styles when images where resized.
* Fixed bug where drag/drop of noneditable elements didn't work correctly.
* Fixed bug where applying formatting to all contents wouldn't work correctly when an end point was inside an empty bock. Patch contributed by Jose Luiz.
* Fixed bug where IE10 removed the scopeName from the DOM element interface and there for it produced an undefined string in element path.
* Fixed bug where the caret would be placed at an incorrect location if you applied block formatting while having the caret at the end of the block.
* Fixed bug where applying column changes using the cell dialog would only update the first column. Patch contributed by krzyko.
* Fixed bug where the visualblocks plugin would force editor focus if it was turned on by default.
* Fixed bug where the tabfocus plugin would tab to iframes these are now ignored.
* Fixed bug where format drop down list wouldn't show the currently active format for a parent element.
* Fixed bug where paste of plain text in IE 9 would remove the new line characters from text.
* Fixed bug where the menu buttons/split button menus wouldn't be opened at the right location on older IE versions.
* Fixed bug where Gecko browsers wouldn't properly display the right format when having the selection as specific places.
* Fixed bug where shift+enter inside the body when having forced_root_blocks set to false would throw an error.
* Fixed bug where the jQuery plugin would break the attr method of jQuery 1.7.2. Patch contributed by Markus Kemmerling.
* Fixed so options like content_css accepts and array as well as a comma separated string as input.
* Restructured the internal logic to make it more separate from Editor.js.
* Updated the Sizzle engine to the latest version.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=28504
Notes Title: TinyMCE 3.5b3 Released
Notes: This new beta version fixes a few issues with the latest beta but also brings a few important fixes for other bugs and issues see the changelog for details. See the previous 3.5 beta releases for specific feature enhancements.