Release 4.0b3 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.0b3
Release Date: May 15, 2013
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new optional advanced tab for image dialog with hspace, vspace, border and style.
* Added new change event that gets fired when undo levels are added to editor instances.
* Added new removed_menuitems option enables you to list menu items to remove from menus.
* Added new external_plugins option enables you to specify external locations for plugins.
* Added new language_url option enables you to specify an external location for the language pack.
* Added new table toolbar control that displays a menu for inserting/editing menus.
* Fixed bug where IE 10 wouldn't load files properly from cache.
* Fixed bug where image dialog wouldn't properly remove width/height if blanked.
* Fixed bug where all events wasn't properly unbound when editor instances where removed.
* Fixed bug where data- attributes wasn't working properly in the SaxParser.
* Fixed bug where Gecko wouldn't properly render broken images.
* Fixed bug where Gecko wouldn't produce the same error dialog on paste as other browsers.
* Fixed bug where is wasn't possible to prevent execCommands in beforeExecCommand event.
* Fixed bug where the fullpage_hide_in_source_view option wasn't working in the fullpage plugin.
* Fixed bug where the WindowManager close method wouldn't properly close the top most window.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to paste in IE 10 due to JS exception.
* Fixed bug where tab key didn't move to the right child control in tabpanels.
* Fixed bug where enter inside a form would focus the first button like control in TinyMCE.
* Fixed bug where it would match scripts that looked like the tinymce base directory incorrectly.
* Fixed bug where the spellchecker wouldn't properly toggle off the spellcheck mode if no errors where found.
* Fixed bug in searchreplace plugin where it would remove all spans instead of the marker spans.
* Fixed issue where selector wouldn't disable existing mode setting.
* Fixed so it's easier to configure the menu and menubar.
* Fixed so bodyId/bodyClass is applied to preview as it's done to the editor iframe.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=31024
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.0b3
Notes: This release includes a few new options/features and a bunch of bug fixes. Check the details below. CDN version and options We have now an official CDN hosted version of TinyMCE. The hosting and bandwidth is provided by CacheFly, one of the fastest CDN providers in the world. This CDN version is a combined file of the core, plugins and themes so that everything loads in a single HTTP request. We also added options to make it easier to load custom plugins from your local server check the Using CDN tutorial for details. Advanced tab for image dialog There has been a lot of feedback regarding some missing options to manipulate the style of images directly. This could be useful in some implementations such as email client applications so as of this version it's possible to modify the margin/border of images if you enable the advanced tab using the image_advtab option. API documentation We added a lot of API documentation and a tutorial on how to make a simple plugin. We will continue to update the API docs with more details and examples each release and add more content to the wiki. Bug fixes We fixed a lot of bugs and issues in this release. Something you would except in a beta update. So if you find any bugs or issues submit them in the bug tracker. If it's general feedback feel free to post about that in this forum thread. Translations We like to thank everyone who have contributed translations. If you want to help out with translations join a team at: