Release 4.0 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.0
Release Date: June 13, 2013
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new insertdate_dateformat, insertdate_timeformat and insertdate_formats options to insertdatetime.
* Added new font_formats, fontsize_formats and block_formats options to configure fontselect, fontsizeselect and formatselect.
* Added new table_clone_elements option to table plugin. Enables you to specify what elements to clone when adding columns/rows.
* Added new auto detect logic for site and email urls in link plugin to match the logic found in 3.x.
* Added new getParams/setParams to WindowManager to make it easier to handle params to iframe based dialogs. Contributed by Ryan Demmer.
* Added new textcolor options that enables you to specify the colors you want to display. Contributed by Jennifer Arsenault.
* Added new external file support for link_list and image_list options. The file format is a simple JSON file.
* Added new "both" mode for the resize option. Enables resizing in both width and height.
* Added new paste_data_images option that allows you to enable/disable paste of data images.
* Added new fixed_toolbar_container option that allows you to add a fixed container for the inline toolbar.
* Fixed so font name, font size and block format select boxes gets updated with the current format.
* Fixed so the resizeTo/resizeBy methods for the theme are exposed as it as in 3.x.
* Fixed so the textcolor controls are splitbuttons as in 3.x. Patch contributed by toxalot/jashua212.
* Fixed bug where the theme content css wasn't loaded into the preview dialog.
* Fixed bug where the template description in template dialog wouldn't display the text correctly.
* Fixed bug where various UI elements wasn't properly removed when an editor instance was removed.
* Fixed bug where editing links in inline mode would fail on WebKit.
* Fixed bug where the pagebreak_separator option in the pagebreak plugin wasn't working properly.
* Fixed bug where the child panels of the float panel in inline mode wasn't properly placed.
* Fixed bug where the float panel children of windows wasn't position fixed.
* Fixed bug where the size of the ok button was hardcoded, caused issues with i18n.
* Fixed bug where single comment in editor would cause exceptions due to resolve path logic not detecting elements only.
* Fixed bug where switching alignment of tables in dialogs wouldn't properly remove existing alignments.
* Fixed bug where the table properties dialog would show columns/rows textboxes.
* Fixed bug where jQuery wasn't used instead of Sizzle in the jQuery version of TinyMCE.
* Fixed bug where setting resize option to false whouldn't properly render the word count.
* Fixed bug where table row type change would produce multiple table section elements.
* Fixed bug where table row type change on multiple rows would add them in incorrect order.
* Fixed bug where fullscreen plugin would maximize the editor on resize after toggling it off.
* Fixed bug where context menu would be position at an incorrect coordinate in inline mode.
* Fixed bug where inserting lists in inline mode on IE would produce errors since the body would be converted.
* Fixed bug where the body couldn't be styled properly in custom content_css files.
* Fixed bug where template plugins menu item would override the image menu item.
* Fixed bug where IE 7-8 would render the text inside inputs at the wrong vertical location.
* Fixed bug where IE configured to IE 7 compatibility mode wouldn't render the icons properly.
* Fixed bug where editor.focus wouldn't properly fire the focusin event on WebKit.
* Fixed bug where some keyboard shortcuts wouldn't work on IE 8.
* Fixed bug where the undo state wasn't updated until the end of a typing level.
* Fixed bug where keyboard shortcuts on Mac OS wasn't working correctly.
* Fixed bug where empty inline elements would be created when toggling formatting of in empty block.
* Fixed bug where applying styles on WebKit would fail in inline mode if the user released the mouse button outside the body.
* Fixed bug where the visual aids menu item wasn't selected if the editor was empty.
* Fixed so the isDirty/isNotDirty states gets updated to true/false on save() and change events.
* Fixed so skins have separate CSS files for inline and iframe mode.
* Fixed so menus and tool tips gets constrained to the current viewport.
* Fixed so an error is thrown if users load jQuery after the jQuery version of TinyMCE.
* Fixed so the filetype for media dialog passes out media instead of image as file type.
* Fixed so it's possible to disable the toolbar by setting it to false.
* Fixed so autoresize plugin isn't initialized when the editor is in inline mode.
* Fixed so the inline editing toolbar will be rendered below elements if it doesn't fit above it.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=31253
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.0 Released
Notes: It's finally released the production ready version of TinyMCE 4. We fixed a ton of bugs over the last month and improved existing features and introduced a few new ones mostly based on great ideas by the community. Thanks for all the feedback both here in the forums and in issue tracker. We still have a lot of things on the todo list for upcoming versions. So feel free to speak your mind about missing features, possible bugs etc. Added new optional advanced tab for image dialog with hspace, vspace, border and style. Added new change event that gets fired when undo levels are added to editor instances. Added new removed_menuitems option enables you to list menu items to remove from menus. Added new external_plugins option enables you to specify external locations for plugins. Added new language_url option enables you to specify an external location for the language pack. Added new table toolbar control that displays a menu for inserting/editing menus. Fixed bug where IE 10 wouldn't load files properly from cache. Fixed bug where image dialog wouldn't properly remove width/height if blanked. Fixed bug where all events wasn't properly unbound when editor instances where removed. Fixed bug where data- attributes wasn't working properly in the SaxParser. Fixed bug where Gecko wouldn't properly render broken images. Fixed bug where Gecko wouldn't produce the same error dialog on paste as other browsers. Fixed bug where is wasn't possible to prevent execCommands in beforeExecCommand event. Fixed bug where the fullpage_hide_in_source_view option wasn't working in the fullpage plugin. Fixed bug where the WindowManager close method wouldn't properly close the top most window. Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to paste in IE 10 due to JS exception. Fixed bug where tab key didn't move to the right child control in tabpanels. Fixed bug where enter inside a form would focus the first button like control in TinyMCE. Fixed bug where it would match scripts that looked like the tinymce base directory incorrectly. Fixed bug where the spellchecker wouldn't properly toggle off the spellcheck mode if no errors where found. Fixed bug in searchreplace plugin where it would remove all spans instead of the marker spans. Fixed issue where selector wouldn't disable existing mode setting. Fixed so it's easier to configure the menu and menubar. Fixed so bodyId/bodyClass is applied to preview as it's done to the editor iframe.