Release 4.0.1 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.0.1
Release Date: June 26, 2013
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new paste_as_text config option to force paste as plaintext mode.
* Added new pastetext menu item that lets you toggle paste as plain text mode on/off.
* Added new insertdatetime_element option to insertdatetime plugin. Enables HTML5 time element support.
* Added new spellchecker_wordchar_pattern option to allow configuration of language specific characters.
* Added new marker to formats menu displaying the formats used at the current selection/caret location.
* Fixed bug where the position of the text color picker would be wrong if you switched to fullscreen.
* Fixed bug where the link plugin would ask to add the mailto: prefix multiple times.
* Fixed bug where list outdent operation could produce empty list elements on specific selections.
* Fixed bug where element path wouldn't properly select parent elements on IE.
* Fixed bug where IE would sometimes throw an exception when extrancting the current selection range.
* Fixed bug where line feeds wasn't properly rendered in source view on IE.
* Fixed bug where word count wouldn't be properly rendered on IE 7.
* Fixed bug where menubuttons/listboxes would have an incorrect height on IE 7.
* Fixed bug where browser spellchecking was enabled while editing inline on IE 10.
* Fixed bug where spellchecker wouldn't properly find non English words.
* Fixed bug where deactivating inline editor instances would force padding-top: 0 on page body.
* Fixed bug where jQuery would initialize editors multiple times since it didn't check if the editor already existed.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to paste contents on IE 10 in modern UI mode when paste filtering was enabled.
* Fixed bug where tabfocus plugin wouldn't work properly on inline editor instances.
* Fixed bug where fullpage plugin would clear the existing HTML head if contents where inserted into the editor.
* Fixed bug where deleting all table rows/columns in a table would cause an exception to be thrown on IE.
* Fixed so color button panels gets toggled on/off when activated/deactivated.
* Fixed so format menu items that can't be applied to the current selection gets disabled.
* Fixed so the icon parameter for addButton isn't automatically filled if a button text is provided.
* Fixed so image size fields gets updated when selecting a new image in the image dialog.
* Fixed so it doesn't load any language pack if the language option is set to "en".
* Fixed so ctrl+shift+z works as an alternative redo shortcut to match a common Mac OS X shortcut.
* Fixed so it's not possible to drag/drop in images in Gecko by default when paste plugin is enabled.
* Fixed so format menu item texts gets translated using the specified language pack.
* Fixed so the image dialog title is the same as the insert/edit image button text.
* Fixed so paste as plain text produces BR:s in PRE block and when forced_root_block is disabled.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=31351
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.0.1 Released
Notes: This release fixed a bunch of bugs and issues with the 4.0 release. There is always a few bugs and issues that manages to be missed when doing beta testing, unit tests etc in such a complex app as this editor is. We also reintroduced a few features and options form the 3.x branch such as paste as plain text. We also worked on the formats menu to display the currently selected formats and disable formats that can't be applied to the current selection such as table formats on a paragraph element etc. We will continue to improve the documentation and add more examples. It takes a bit of time though since the UI has gone though such a radical change.