Release 4.0.6 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.0.6
Release Date: September 12, 2013
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new compat3x plugin that makes it possible to load most 3.x plugins. Only available in the development package.
* Added new skin_url option enables you to load local skins when using the CDN version.
* Added new theme_url option enables you to load local themes when using the CDN version.
* Added new importcss_file_filter option to importcss to enable users to specify what files to import from.
* Added new template_preview_replace_values option to template plugin to add example data for variables.
* Added image option support for addMenuItem calls. Enables you to provide a custom image for menu items.
* Fixed bug where editor.insertContent wouldn't set format and selection type on events.
* Fixed bug where inserting BR elements on IE 8 would thrown an exception when the range is at a empty text node.
* Fixed bug where outdent of single LI element within another LI would produce an empty list element OL/UL.
* Fixed bug where the bullist/numlist buttons wouldn't be deselected when deleting all contents.
* Fixed bug where toggling an empty list item off wouldn't produce a new empty block element.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to apply lists to mixed text blocks and br lines.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to paste contents on iOS when the paste plugin was enabled.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to delete HR elements on Gecko.
* Fixed bug where scrolling and refocusing using the mouse would place the caret incorrectly on IE.
* Fixed bug where you needed to hit the empty paragraph to get editor focus in IE 11.
* Fixed bug where activeEditor wasn't set to the correct editor when opening windows.
* Fixed bug where dirty state wasn't set to false when undoing to the first undo level.
* Fixed bug where pasting in inline mode on Safari on Mac wouldn't work properly.
* Fixed bug where content_css wasn't loaded into the insert template dialog.
* Fixed bug where setting the contents of the editor to non text contents would produce an incorrect selection range.
* Fixed so code dialog height gets smaller that the viewport height if it doesn't fit.
* Fixed so inline editable regions scroll when pressing enter/return.
* Fixed so inline toolbar gets positioned correctly when inline element is within a scrollable container.
* Fixed various memory leaks when removing editor instances dynamically.
* Removed CSS for BR elements in visualblocks due to problems with Chrome and IE.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=32065
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.0.6 Released
Notes: This release adds a few new options, improves existing plugins and fixes a bunch of bugs. We added a new compat3x plugin that adds basic API compatibility with TinyMCE 3.x. We still recommend users to port their plugins to the new API using the "Migration guide" as a reference. We worked on IE 11 compatibility for this version. IE 11 has a lot of new bugs and issues that we reported to them but they don't seem to get fixed fixed before Window 8.1 final so we had to do some extra work to get it to work properly. We will also add these fixes to the old 3.x branch at a later date. As always thanks for all the bug reports, pull requests etc.