Release 4.0.7 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.0.7
Release Date: October 02, 2013
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new importcss_selector_filter option to importcss plugin. Makes it easier to select specific classes to import.
* Added new importcss_groups option to importcss plugin. Enables you separate classes into menu groups based on filters.
* Added new PastePreProcess/PastePostProcess events and reintroduced paste_preprocess/paste_postprocess paste options.
* Added new paste_word_valid_elements option lets you control what elements gets pasted when pasting from Word.
* Fixed so panelbutton is easier to use. It's now possible to set the panel contents to any container type.
* Fixed so editor.destroy calls editor.remove so that both destroy and remove can be used to remove an editor instance.
* Fixed so the searchreplace plugin doesn't move focus into the editor until you close the dialog.
* Fixed so the searchreplace plugin search for next item if you hit enter inside the dialog.
* Fixed so importcss_selector_converter callback is executed with the scope set to importcss plugin instance.
* Fixed so the default selector converter function is exposed in importcss plugin.
* Fixed issue with the tabpanel not expanding properly when the tabs where wider than the body of the panel.
* Fixed issue with the menubar option producing a JS exception if set to true.
* Fixed bug where closing a dialog with an opened listbox would cause errors if new dialogs where opened.
* Fixed bug where hidden input elements wasn't removed when inline editor instances where removed.
* Fixed bug where editors wouldn't initialize some times due to event logic not working correctly.
* Fixed bug where pre elements woudl cause searchreplace and spellchecker plugins to mark incorrect locations.
* Fixed bug where embed elements wouldn't be properly resized if they where configured in using the video_template_callback.
* Fixed bug where paste from word would remove all BR elements since it was missing in the default paste_word_valid_elements.
* Fixed bug where paste filtering wouldn't work properly on old WebKit installations pre Clipboard API.
* Fixed bug where linebreaks would be removed by paste plugin on IE since it didn't properly detect Word contents.
* Fixed bug where paste plugin would convert some Word paragraphs that looked like lists into lists.
* Fixed bug where editors wasn't properly initialized if the document.domain is set to the same as the current domain on IE.
* Fixed bug where an exception was thrown when removing an editor after opening the context menu multiple times.
* Fixed bug where paste as plain text on Gecko would add extra BR elements when pasting paragraphs.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=32736
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.0.7 Released
Notes: This release contains a lot of important bug fixes and some new features to the importcss plugin and the paste plugin. In the 4.0.6 release we fixed a few memory leaks. These fixes broke some of the event binding logic. This issue could break the initialization of the editor it didn't always happen. We also modified the way editor.destroy worked and apparently some users call this method directly so we reworked it to automatically call editor.remove if that some what internal API function was used externally. Lots of fixes where added to the paste plugin when pasting word contents and plain text contents. We reworked the searchreplace plugin so it's now easier to use and it doesn't auto focuses the editor. Check the changelog for a complete list of changes.