Release 4.0.13 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.0.13
Release Date: January 30, 2014
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added language selection menu to spellchecker button similar to the 3.x functionality. Patch contributed by threebytesfull.
* Added new style_formats_merge option that enables you to append to the default formats instead of replaceing them. Patch contributed by PacificMorrowind.
* Fixed bug where the DOMUtils getPos API function didn't properly handle the location of the root element. Patch contributed by Andrew Ozz.
* Fixed bug where the spellchecker wouldn't properly place the spellchecker suggestions menu. Patch contributed by Andrew Ozz.
* Fixed bug where the tabfocus plugin would prevent the user from suing Ctrl+Tab, Patch contributed by Andrew Ozz.
* Fixed bug where table resize handles could sometimes be added to elements out side the editable inline element.
* Fixed bug where the inline mode editor UI would render incorrectly when the stylesheets didn't finish loading on Chrome.
* Fixed bug where IE 8 would insert the image outside the editor unless it was focused first.
* Fixed bug where older IE versions would throw an exception on drag/drop since they don't support modern dataTransfer API.
* Fixed bug where the blockquote button text wasn't properly translated since it had the wrong English key.
* Fixed bug where the importcss plugin didn't import a.class rules properly as selector formats.
* Fixed bug where the combobox control couldn't be disabled or set to a specific character size initially.
* Fixed bug where the FormItem didn't inherit the disabled state from the control to be wrapped.
* Fixed bug where adding a TinyMCE instance within a TinyMCE dialog wouldn't properly delegate the events.
* Fixed bug where any overflow parent containers would automatically scroll to the left when pasting in Chrome.
* Fixed bug where IE could throw an error when search/replacing contents due to an invalid selection being returned.
* Fixed bug where WebKit would fire focus/blur events incorrectly if the editor was empty due to a WebKit focus bug.
* Fixed bug where WebKit/Blink would scroll to the top of editor if the height was more than the viewport height.
* Fixed bug where blurring and removing the editor could cause an exteption to be thrown by the FocusManager.
* Fixed bug where the media plugin would override specified dimensions for url pattern matches. Patch contributed by penc.
* Fixed bug where the autoresize plugin wouldn't take margins into account when calculating the body size. Patch contributed by lepoltj.
* Fixed bug where the image plugin would throw errors some times on IE 8 when it preloaded the image to get it's dimensions.
* Fixed bug where the image plugin wouldn't update the style if the user closed the dialog before focusing out. Patch contributed by jonparrott.
* Fixed bug where bindOnReady in EventUtils wouldn't work properly for some edge cases on older IE versions. Patch contributed by Godefroy.
* Fixed bug where image selector formats wasn't properly handled by the importcss plugin.
* Fixed bug where the dirty state of the editor wasn't set when editing an existing link URL.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to prevent paste from happening by blocking the default behavior when the paste plugin was enabled.
* Fixed bug where text to display in the insert/edit link dialog wouldn't be properly entity encoded.
* Fixed bug where Safari 7 on Mac OS X would delete contents if you pressed Cmd+C since it passes out a charCode for the event.
* Fixed bug where bound drop events inside inline editors would get fired on all editor instances instead of the specific instance.
* Fixed bug where images outlined selection border would be clipped when the autoresize plugin was enabled.
* Fixed bug where image dimension constrains proportions wouldn't work properly if you altered a value and immediately clicked the submit button.
* Fixed so you don't need to set language option to false when specifying a custom language_url.
* Fixed so the link dialog "text to display" field gets automatically hidden if the selection isn't text contents. Patch contributed by Godefroy.
* Fixed so the none option for the target field in the link dialog gets excluded when specifiying the target_list config option.
* Fixed so outline styles are displayed by default in the formats preview. Patch contributed by nhammadi.
* Fixed so the max characters for width/height is more than 3 in the media and image dialogs.
* Fixed so the old mceSpellCheck command toggles the spellchecker on/off.
* Fixed so the setupeditor event is fired before the setup callback setting to ease up compatibility with 3.x.
* Fixed so auto url link creation in IE 9+ is disabled by default and re-enabled by the autolink plugin.
* Removed the custom scrollbars for WebKit since the default browser scrollbars looks a lot better now days.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=33378
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.0.13 Released
Notes: This release contains a ton of bug fixes and patches contributed by the community. It was more then a month ago since the last release so it's a pretty big update however there isn't any dramatic feature changes or bug fixes that could break existing installations so it's still a patch release. Check the changelog for details on the different fixes we added.