Release 4.0.27 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.0.27
Release Date: May 27, 2014
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added support for definition lists to lists plugin and enter key logic. This can now created by the format menu.
* Added cmd option for the style_formats menu enables you to toggle commands on/off using the formats menu for example lists.
* Added definition lists to visualblocks plugin so these are properly visualized like other list elements.
* Added new paste_merge_formats option that reduces the number of nested text format elements produced on paste. Enabled by default.
* Added better support for nested link_list/image_list menu items each item can now have a "menu" item with subitems.
* Added "Add to Dictionary" support to spellchecker plugin when the backend tells that this feature is available.
* Added new table_default_attributes/table_default_styles options patch contributed by Dan Villiom Podlaski Christiansen.
* Added new table_class_list/table_cell_class_list/table_row_class_list options to table plugin.
* Added new invalid_styles/valid_classes options to better control what gets returned for the style/class attribute.
* Added new file_browser_callback_types option that allows you to specify where to display the picker based on dialog type.
* Fixed so the selected state is properly handled on nested menu items in listboxes patch contributed by Jelle Kralt.
* Fixed so the invisiblity css value for TinyMCE gets set to inherit instead of visible to better support dialog scripts like reveal.
* Fixed bug where Gecko would remove anchors when pasting since the their default built in logic removes empty nodes.
* Fixed bug where it wasn't possible to paste on Chrome Andoid since it doesn't properly support the Clipboard API yet.
* Fixed bug where user defined type attribute value of text/javascript didn't get properly serialized.
* Fixed bug where space in span elements would removed when the element was considered empty.
* Fixed bug where the undo/redo button states didn't change if you removed all undo levels using undoManager.clear.
* Fixed bug where unencoded links inside query strings or hash values would get processed by the relative urls logic.
* Fixed bug where contextmenu would automatically close in inline editing mode on Firefox running on Mac.
* Fixed bug where Gecko/IE would produce multiple BR elements when forced_root_block was set to false and a table was the last child of body.
* Fixed bug where custom queryCommandState handlers didn't properly handle boolean states.
* Fixed bug where auto closing float panels link menus wasn't automatically closed when the window was resized.
* Fixed bug where the image plugin wouldn't update image dimensions when the current image was changed using the image_list select box.
* Fixed bug with paste plugin not properly removing paste bin on Safari Mac when using the cmd+shift+v keyboard command.
* Fixed bug where the paste plugin wouln't properly strip trailing br elements under very specific scenarios.
* Fixed bug where enter key wouldn't properly place the caret on Gecko when pressing enter in a text block with a br ended line inside.
* Fixed bug where Safari Mac shortcuts like Cmd+Opt+L didn't get passed through to the browser due to a Quirks fix.
* Fixed so plain text mode works better when it converts rich text to plain text when pasting from for example Word.
* Fixed so numeric keycodes can be used in the shortcut format enabling support for any key to be specified.
* Fixed so table cells can be navigated with tab key and new rows gets automatically added when you are at the last cell.
* Fixed bug where formatting before cursor gets removed when toggled off for continued content.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=33875
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.0.27 Released
Notes: This release includes a bunch of new options, improved support for definition lists and a bunch of bug fixes an API improvements. Here a more details explanation of some of these new options. Added back support for configuring classes for the table dialogs these options where commonly requested since not everyone knows how to properly configure the style_formats option. Better paste support by merging common text formats this will reduce the HTML output when a user pastes contents within contents with the same formatting. Better support for definition lists when it comes to the enter key, indentation and list creation. We currently don't have a specific button for definition lists so you have to manually add it to the style_formats menu we will provide an example of this later on since this isn't very commonly used. More fine grained control over output by the new invalid_styles and valid_classes options. This means that you can now control elements, attributes, styles, classes, child order and url formats with config options. So that basically covers everything. A config option to better control the file browser callback buttons was added this option allows you to specify individual types of pickers to add a the browse button to. Some of these features where provided by third party developers so a big thanks to them for helping out in creating the best rich test editor out there.