Release 4.1.0 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.1.0
Release Date: June 18, 2014
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new file_picker_callback option to replace the old file_browser_callback the latter will still work though.
* Added new custom colors to textcolor plugin will be displayed if a color picker is provided also shows the latest colors.
* Added new color_picker_callback option to enable you to add custom color pickers to the editor.
* Added new advanced tabs to table/cell/row dialogs to enable you to select colors for border/background.
* Added new colorpicker plugin that lets you select colors from a hsv color picker.
* Added new tinymce.util.Color class to handle color parsing and converting.
* Added new colorpicker UI widget element lets you add a hsv color picker to any form/window.
* Added new textpattern plugin that allows you to use markdown like text patterns to format contents.
* Added new resize helper element that shows the current width & height while resizing.
* Added new "once" method to Editor and EventDispatcher enables since callback execution events.
* Added new jQuery like class under tinymce.dom.DomQuery it's exposed on editor instances (editor.$) and globally under (tinymce.$).
* Fixed so the default resize method for images are proportional shift/ctrl can be used to make an unproportional size.
* Fixed bug where the image_dimensions option of the image plugin would cause exceptions when it tried to update the size.
* Fixed bug where table cell dialog class field wasn't properly updated when editing an a table cell with an existing class.
* Fixed bug where Safari on Mac would produce webkit-fake-url for pasted images so these are now removed.
* Fixed bug where the nodeChange event would get fired before the selection was changed when clicking inside the current selection range.
* Fixed bug where valid_classes option would cause exception when it removed internal prefixed classes like mce-item-.
* Fixed bug where backspace would cause navigation in IE 8 on an inline element and after a caret formatting was applied.
* Fixed so placeholder images produced by the media plugin gets selected when inserted/edited.
* Fixed so it's possible to drag in images when the paste_data_images option is enabled. Might be useful for mail clients.
* Fixed so images doesn't get a width/height applied if the image_dimensions option is set to false useful for responsive contents.
* Fixed so it's possible to pass in an optional arguments object for the nodeChanged function to be passed to all nodechange event listeners.
* Fixed bug where media plugin embed code didn't update correctly.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=33972
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.1.0 released
Notes: This release brings a whole lot of new features and enhancements I listed the major ones below. file_picker_callback option The old file_browser_callback was an old construct and where more suitable for the dialog types in 3.x where each dialog was it's own document. The new file_picker_callback has the ability to provide meta data for the dialogs the old file_browser_callback will continue to work. color_picker_callback option This option allows you to add custom color pickers to the colorbox UI control and the textcolor plugin. colorbox UI control This UI control lets you enter colors and preview them you can browse for colors if the color_picker_callback is defined. colorpicker plugin This plugin adds a hsv color picker dialog to the editor it hooks into the color_picker_callback so you can manually invoke it in your own plugins. textpattern plugin This plugin lets you type markdown like syntax to add formatting such as "**bold**" or "1. text" this makes it easier to add formatting while typing. table dialog advanced tabs All table dialogs now have an advanced tab where you can select colors for border and background. This has been commonly requested. textcolor plugin custom color The textcolor plugin will enable you to select custom colors if the colorpicker plugin is used or the color_picker_callback is defined. It will display the latest used colors. This feature has also been commonly requested. resize helper Displays the current size when resizing tables and images. jQuery like DOM API We had a hidden class tinymce.dom.DomQuery in the 4.0 release we have now worked on it so it's compatible with jQuery, documented and exposed. This lets you work with tinymce contents with a familiar API. The plan is to rework the internals to use this class and make the jQuery build of TinyMCE use the real jQuery instead of this light weight version this will be done as patch releases in the 4.1.x branch. tinymce.util.Color class Lets you parse/convert colors from/to rgb/hsv and various string formats. There is also a ton of other fixes in this release check the changelog for details. If you are using the CDN version you might need to update the url from the 4.0.x branch to 4.1.x.