Release 4.1.2 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.1.2
Release Date: July 15, 2014
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added offset/grep to DomQuery class works basically the same as it's jQuery equivalent.
* Fixed bug where backspace/delete or setContent with an empty string would remove header data when using the fullpage plugin.
* Fixed bug where tinymce.remove with a selector not matching any editors would remove all editors.
* Fixed bug where resizing of the editor didn't work since the theme was calling setStyles instead of setStyle.
* Fixed bug where IE 7 would fail to append html fragments to iframe document when using DomQuery.
* Fixed bug where the getStyle DOMUtils method would produce an exception if it was called with null as it's element.
* Fixed bug where the paste plugin would remove the element if the none of the paste_webkit_styles rules matched the current style.
* Fixed bug where contextmenu table items wouldn't work properly on IE since it would some times fire an incorrect selection change.
* Fixed bug where the padding/border values wasn't used in the size calculation for the body size when using autoresize. Patch contributed by Matt Whelan.
* Fixed bug where conditional word comments wouldn't be properly removed when pasting plain text.
* Fixed bug where resizing would sometime fail on IE 11 when the mouseup occurred inside the resizable element.
* Fixed so the iframe gets initialized without any inline event handlers for better CSP support. Patch contributed by Matt Whelan.
* Fixed so the tinymce.dom.Sizzle is the latest version of sizzle this resolves the document context bug.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=34432
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.1.2 released
Notes: This patch release fixes various bugs and issues with the core API, plugins and themes. Check the changelog for details on the fixes.