Release 4.1.4 of "TinyMCE"

Version: 4.1.4
Release Date: August 21, 2014
Download URL:
Changelog: * Added new media_filter_html option to media plugin that blocks any conditional comments, scripts etc within a video element.
* Added new content_security_policy option allows you to set custom policy for iframe contents. Patch contributed by Francois Chagnon.
* Fixed bug where activate/deactivate events wasn't firing properly when switching between editors.
* Fixed bug where placing the caret on iOS was difficult due to a WebKit bug with touch events.
* Fixed bug where the resize helper wouldn't render properly on older IE versions.
* Fixed bug where resizing images inside tables on older IE versions would sometimes fail depending mouse position.
* Fixed bug where editor.insertContent would produce an exception when inserting select/option elements.
* Fixed bug where extra empty paragraphs would be produced if block elements where inserted inside span elements.
* Fixed bug where the spellchecker menu item wouldn't be properly checked if spell checking was started before it was rendered.
* Fixed bug where the DomQuery filter function wouldn't remove non elements from collection.
* Fixed bug where document with custom document.domain wouldn't properly render the editor.
* Fixed bug where IE 8 would throw exception when trying to enter invalid color values into colorboxes.
* Fixed bug where undo manager could incorrectly add an extra undo level when custom resize handles was removed.
* Fixed bug where it wouldn't be possible to alter cell properties properly on table cells on IE 8.
* Fixed so the color picker button in table dialog isn't shown unless you include the colorpicker plugin or add your own custom color picker.
* Fixed so activate/deactivate events fire when windowManager opens a window since.
* Fixed so the table advtab options isn't separated by an underscore to normalize naming with image_advtab option.
* Fixed so the table cell dialog has proper padding when the advanced tab in disabled.
Notes URL: /forum/viewtopic.php?id=34801
Notes Title: TinyMCE 4.1.4 released
Notes: This release fixes a various bug and adds some security options such as custom content_security_policy and XSS filtering for media contents. There are two minor breaking changes one of them is that the new media_filter_html option is enabled by default and will exclude any scripts, conditional comments etc from video/object elements in the media plugin. If you want that to continue to work then set media_filter_html: false. The other one involves naming where we renamed the table_adv_tab, table_cell_adv_tab and table_row_adv_tab to table_advtab, table_cell_advtab and table_row_advtab to better match image_advtab so if you disabled those tabs I suggest using the new option names. The docs on this have been updated.